Myth Buster Kittens

I have no idea why, but I thought some folks would like this.

Some dude takes in kittens periodically and is a foster owner for them. He tends to name them after groups of people. In the past, he’s named them after soviet astronauts and stuff.

This litter is named after the cast of mythbusters.

Kitten cams are always amusing, though I’m not sure why my cat doesn’t care about the noises they make. You’d think he’d be intrigued.

I believe this sums it up nicely.


I need a new kitten.

I’m going to show that kitten cam to my wife.

This is the best thing ever.


I wasn’t sure if folks were gonna like this or not, but for some reason this totally amuses me. My girlfriend sent it to me originally.

There have been a few times when I’ve left it open in a tab, and then gone off to play a game, and then hear some weird kitten noise in my headphones and say, “WTF was that sound?”

Then I’ll blame her for this. My girlfriend has been here for the last two days, and will be here another week while I’m on vacation. I put this feed up on my second monitor to show her, thinking she might like it. That was two days ago. It’s been dominating that monitor ever since. In fact, she’s been sleeping out here on the sofa, just so she can check up on the kittens whenever she wakes up. Also, she’s given them all names of her own.

About 30 minutes ago, I lost the feed for a while, and she freaked out. Thank God I finally got it back.
Timex, you’ve created a monster in my house. And yeah, it is disconcerting to be watching Youtube, and then hearing mews and meows come over the same speakers. Yep, here we sit, each of us staring at separate monitors.

My cat has been oblivious to the meowing as well. He’s never responded to any cat sounds on the TV for that matter. I dunno. Maybe cats can differentiate between sounds coming through speakers, and the real thing. Because if a cat makes any sound outside our window, he’s right there.

I can’t stop checking in on kittens.

I hate you.