Mythgard is the Advanced Squad Leader of collectible card games

If I only dabble with this solo, do I want to grab the free cards or is it more fun to just unlock them through playing? I don’t ever plan on trying to compete with anyone.

Next code is WholesomeHarmony

Apparently there was a bug for some people who redeemed that code before a certain point.

Using DISCORDNORDEN2 is supposed to fix it.

For solo dabbling definitely grab the free cards. You can still use your rewards from solo quests to buy packs from the expansions. Thus you will have a better base of cards to play with and you’ll still be able to open packs and play with new cards.

Yep, that did it for me. Though honestly that’s a strange bug. Unless the “certain point” was about 3 hours ago, I think there’s more to it than just timing.

Where do we enter the codes and is DISCORDNORDEN2 the only one so far?

There’s a button for codes in the Store UI. The second code is ‘WholesomeHarmony’.

Thanks! I had to scroll over to see it.

Yeah the UI for this card game is not the best.

I like the Winter War expansion for thematic reasons. A lot of the cards do have a wintery look and effect. I’m not sure there’s a brand-new mechanic like the Forge cards introduced in the previous expansion.

Personally, I like the variety of modes in this game, especially the PvE stuff. I usually play the PvE Gauntlet, but if there’s a quest that requires me to burn certain cards, then I’ll make a deck and play a PvE Brawl or three. I also play the events, again in PvE, and these sometimes involve the 2 vs 2 format, which is a fun twist. I played the Valentine’s Event long enough to get a couple of the pink card backs, but the hot-pink UI eventually wore me down, lol.

It starts with “No” and ends with “body was playing it.”

I respect this desperate hail Mary attempt at staying in business, but considering how people around here get steamed at the thought of buying a game at $5 that was once on sale for $4, I don’t see why anyone who missed this giveaway would start playing Mythgard after this giveaway is over.

But for now, weeeeeeeeee!

I hope you are wrong @justaguy2 but I suspect you aren’t. This is probably a desperation play. While I think they came up with a sweet CCG and I love the mechanics, they did a pretty poor job of turning it into a game. But then I think F2P and chasing the whales is a model that needs to die.

If they produced a great single player game wrapped around their CCG and charged $49.99 I’d happily pay it. I’m not particularly interested in PVP with randos and the PVE modes are fun but get stale kind of quick. I actually feel bad that I’ve never given them any money because I do have ~80 hours invested in this game according to steam. But since I have zero interest in PVP and it looks like they aren’t going to produce further chapters of campaign content, which I loved, I’m guessing I’ll dink around with it for awhile and play with the full-core-set unlock and then drop it again.

@Tortilla, I share your overall view. Like you, I have more than 80 hours in the game (83 hours in my case). LIke you, I enjoy the PvE side of the game, and like you, I loved the first story chapter! I actually feel like I know something about the factions, especially the bikers. And like you, I’d rather pay for a good PvE game than put up with F2P shenanigans. I wish more card-games would follow the lead of “Thronebreaker” and the recent LOTR card game – pay-to-play games that I bought.

Anyway, I hope Mythgard finds a way forward, because the core gameplay is great, in my opinion.

The code to unlock all Orange (Parsa) cards is out: GodisaGeek

Thanks @Tortilla

Looks like we might have to wait a bit for the rest of the codes:

LOL. Imagine believing that “press publication schedules” impacted literally anything at all in the post-print world.

Spreading out the codes, preferably to eternity, is a wise move for obvious reasons, but it’s weird that they’re blaming an imaginary thing.

As someone who (tangentially) deals with this stuff in his job, PR professionals do worry a lot and put a lot of effort into timing of release of announcements/press releases/articles/etc. I think they were being completely honest, not playing a blame game, but they used PR-jargon instead of plain english to explain what was going on.

Of course, timing is important in marketing! That’s not what they said, though. They blamed “Press publication schedules,” which isn’t jargon. We all know what each word means. And press publication schedules aren’t really a limiting factor in getting the word out about anything gaming-related in 2021.

Not a huge deal, I just think it’s funny (and a little sad).

New code (finally): PocketGamerAztlan