Mythic Map: find a new game based on what you like - it really works!

Can’t help but share this, since it gives spot-on results:

Compared to other tools it seems to give better, more consistent and more useful results for me.

  • Generic Steam recommendations on a games page seem to favour popular and AAA games.

  • Interactive Steam Recommendations look at your library, so it’s simply not very specific for what you are interested in but only looks at what you’ve played in aggregate (yeah, walking simulators, arcade and strategy getting mixed together…)

  • seems to have a lot of junk inbetween the good recommendations.

Well I am not sure about it.

I put in the Division 2 and got Uno, Settlers 7, WWE 2k20 and Monopoly Plus within my 1st 10 choices

So these are some comments by the dev over on reddit which might somewhat explain why certain games are porposed:

“Also, some suggestions might be a little strange, but keep in mind that different players might be looking for different traits in games, so I have to cast a broad net. An example is Skyrim, where a good portion of the suggestions are not open world RPGs, but instead are games that have a big modding/user created content community.”

“The algorithm makes some very loose assumptions like if you search for a very well received game (like Europa Universalis 4) you might want some other very well received games. Of course, this is one of many factors as to why […] is in there.”

I put in the most obscure title in my library that I could think of at the moment - Pocket Civ, a digital adaptation of a print & play board game.

It gave me a list of fighting games.

Jeez Louis. How long is this list of games it’s giving me? I just keep scrolling and scrolling? I mean, sure, there’s going to be some good suggestions in there if I put in one game and it spits back a hundred games.

(I put in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, and it spit back some very questionable likes like Star Wars: Jedi Outcast, which I played and finished and hated, but then it also spit back several games I liked, like Death’s Door, but there’s just …so… many… games).

I don’t even get this game shown in the search box, are you sure the results were for this one instead of another game that you randomly got when trying to search for PocketCiv? I mean Pocket Civ was listed on steam only in January and is still early access, so yeah it’s pretty obscure (starnge however, that I had already been following it :-)

I think the dev mentioned somewhere that he set the number arbitrarily to 200 results. The first 20 or 50 of those should be the most relevant however - accounting for some issues I’ve listed above.

My impression is that this works best if you enter 2 or 3 games you like and then take the intersection of results… :-)

This really does work. I plugged in Urtuk and most of the games it returned were either already owned or on my wishlist. I found a few new ones I wanted.

How do you give this multiple games for parameters?

Was wondering the same thing. It’s not obvious.

I think KR777 just meant that the user should do that themselves. Run single games through the search, and then correlate the games that are in common between the list of 200 games you get back each time.

It would be nice if the site could do that for you instead of you having to do all that work yourself. Unless there is a way to do that on the site that I’m not seeing.

I put in Eufloria, like you do!

And it just gave me a who’s who of Indie darlings. Not necessarily games like Eufloria at all. Just a pure firehose of entire small indie game motel art galleries.

The Tyranny of Choice meets Too Many Cooks!

I did this, too, and I found Age of Fear, which looks interesting.

That’s what I meant, yes!

This would increase usability a lot and I’m going to suggest this to the dev over on reddit.

The dev answered very fast, here’s what he’s got to say:

A couple of months ago someone asked for a “fusion feature”, which sounds like what you have described, and recently I have started working on it. I did some tests and the results seem pretty good for games that are very different, like Hades + Hearthstone gives Slay The Spire among some other games. The feature should be up soon(ish) as I am making some pretty big changes on the server.

There’s a bunch of Age of Fear games but you can try the Age of Fear: The Free World version which costs you nothing to see if you like it or not. That’s what I did, anyway.

Did you like it or not?

I only played it for a few hours. I got distracted by something shiny that wasn’t free and I haven’t come back to it. This was years ago and I can’t remember much except I was going to come back to it later. I still have it installed.

I put in Star Citizen and nothing else is like it.

Ha ha ha - nothing else wants to be like it, I’d say ;-)