Mythic Map: find a new game based on what you like - it really works!

I’m surprised it didn’t suggest ST:Secret of Vulcan Fury or That Which Sleeps.

I put in Control and it basically just spit out an unrelated list of AAA games.

Stuff I tried

Monopoly Tycoon
→ Not there.

Fantasy Empires
→ Not there.

D&D Stronghold Simulator
→ Majesty series pops up. Solid recommendation. Some of the others are interesting.

Forgotten Realms The Archive Collection 2
→ Solid recommendations here too, and all the related games.

Legend of Mana
→ Duds.

Collection of Saga Final Fantasy Legend
→ Duds.

Lovers of Aether
→ Perfect recommendations lol.

Mario Kart
→ Also pretty close to perfect.

I Love You Colonel Sanders
→ Kinda okay recommendations.

Tachyon Project
→ New food for the wishlist.

One Night Hot Springs
→ A whole bunch of interesting stuff I’ve never heard of and downloading now.

I like this site, and love that it shows what games are on sale right now. Useful tool thanks @KR777

I have favourited this. Results vary, but gosh, I find it far far ahead of Steam for relevant recommendations. If there is anything else that even comes close - for games - I am ignorant of it.

I’m pretty sure @KR777 knows of these already but I’ll just post them here in case anyone else wants to take a look.

I like Mythic Map but prefer the control offered by which allows you to add in exclusion tags, filter out unreleased games and narrow the results by date. There’s a ‘Similarity’ slider too but I’ve no idea what that really does.

There’s also which is really powerful but not as intuitive (and seems to be running very slow right now).

Wow, what a great find! Much better than anything else I’ve tried. I don’t know what the algorithm takes into consideration but it somehow manages to connect games that I love, despite them not being in the same genre. For instance, I asked for Space Rangers and it gave me, among other things, Commandos, Majesty HD. I bought Imperium Galactica II, will probably pick up Star Valor soon (I had read about in the space games thread a while back but I forgot about it). Oh and Knights and Merchants, which slipped under my radar back in the day!

This did really work :)

I’ve enjoyed a handful of things I found with it so far.

One I never would’ve came across was DoraKone. It’s a free visual novel that came out five years ago and still feature-limited. Really sweet, not pervy. And a free Sokoban-Dancer I was surprised I haven’t heard of (100k positive reviews), Helltaker.

This topic just earned its keep. Thanks to, I now have this on my wishlist.

Found it by searching on Just Cause 2.

it seems this feature has made it in now: