Mythic throws down the hammer

First, it was PC Gamer that said it would not accept advertising from “gold farming” companies. Now, Mythic says it will not advertise with magazines that accept advertising from “gold farmers.” What’s next? Someone will not accept advertising with someone that advertises with someone who’s related to someone who advertises with someone who maybe advertises with “gold farmers?” I don’t think Mythic can afford to be turning away any business seeing as they have a 5-year old game and nothing new in sight.

That’s pretty amusing coming from a game that, during it’s heyday, practically required you to have two accounts to play.

Sorry, how are the two things related? Since when does game design encouraging buffbots = we heart real money trading?

Good for them. I can’t imagine mythic puts that much money into advertising, but hopefully their example will encourage others to follow.

They are very much related. Both involve the player spending extra money in order to gain an advantage. The only difference is with encouraging buff bots, mythic gets the extra money, where as with gold farming, the money is going to a 3rd party.

They are working on a Warhammer MMORPG for thier next project.

That’s an interesting argument. Keep in mind, though, that they redesigned parts of the game specifically against buffbots (last I knew, at any rate).

In a similar vein, wasn’t it Sigil that said they wouldn’t run features in a site/magazine that took IGE ads?

I don’t think that magazine ads are that useful on this type of product (and one increasingly “niche” as DAoC).

(Instead now I expect Lum to not link to blogs with Google gold ads. I’m joking!)

Ironically, I found out about this from this message board thread. I guess I skipped last week’s Three Minute Hate on IGE (what can I say, I like to sleep late)

Doesn’t really strike me as unusual, though. Gold farmers cost the company I work for money (in the form of extra CS costs) and last I checked companies pulled advertising from venues they didn’t like all the time.

Yes, as I understand it, buffbots were an unintended consequence of their concentration system and they see them as a negative. I say “as I understand it” since I haven’t played daoc since beta. Got my paladin to level 14!

Right on! I just see this move as Mythic trying to get some media attention for their game. Its overshadowed big time atm. Shame it really had a lot going for it.

Aye, they sure did!

Far to late to save the game, but they sure fixed buffbots… well on the new “classic” servers, not on the servers where your high level chars were stored of course.

If only they had done this when the problem first emerged, I would still be playing DAOC. Wonder what would have made them more money in the end.

But they did fix it, to bad me and 90% of my guild had moved on by then.

Good for them. I can’t imagine mythic puts that much money into advertising, but hopefully their example will encourage others to follow.

I can’t really comment impartially, because I think all the folks I write for probably accept advertising from IGE, so I guess I indirectly benefit from IGE. But it seems like a strange bit of grandstanding for an MMO to, well, boycott gaming publications. Which publications is Mythic running ads in that they’re going to pull? Is it just magazines?

Look, I’m all cool with saying ‘Fuck IGE’ or whatever, but what a curious little gesture to try to horn in on a publication’s advertising policy.

If Mythic wants to hurt IGE, aren’t there much better ways to do it than to announce they’re refusing to contribute ad revenue to specific magazines and websites? Are they going to pull press accounts for people who write for those magazines? Are they going to refuse to do Q&A for previews on those sites? Will they let a guy like me come back to their fan gathering again? Will Lum and Walter Yarborough still be nice to me?


What a weak argument.

As someone who knows a bit from the inside, Mythic was extremely resistant to make any sort of changes that would inhibit buff bots. They easily could have solved the problem when they made the modifications to the Shaman endurance buff, which was a concentration-based buff that had a range programmed into it. Everyone in the playerbase expected them to make it so that all concentration-based buffs would behave the same way, and the Team Leads (who were supposed to represent the opinions of the playerbase) recommended as such … but it never happened until the “Classic” servers came out.

But that left many characters marooned on the original servers. And there’s a lot of resentment towards Mythic because of this. I don’t know if I would still be playing DAoC if they’d fixed it when they should have, but I possibly would have played my Cleric a lot longer.

Their position is all noble as hell, but considering just how much money they were pulling in from buffbot accounts, it is kinda ironic, is all

It’s ironic that they all want to ban companies like IGE or not advertise in the same magazine when companies like Blizzard don’t really give a sh.t about gold farmers anyway.

I’ve reported two toons in the last month for using automated farming bots and Blizzard has done absolutely nothing about it. The bots are still sitting in the same areas in Azshara farming 24/7.

This whole industry is so hypercritical.

Yea sure blizzard doesn’t care about gold farmers, even though thier EULA specfically ban’s the practice.

Oh and you are ignoring the mass bannings numbering in the 10s of thousands over the past year for gold farming.

They can’t take your incident and just ban them on your word. They need to investigate it and see if you are full of shit or not. They get 1000s of these things every day. Finding gold farmers is hard work and requries a lot of man-hours. The only thing blizzard is guilty of is not hiring 100s of people who do nothing but look for gold farmers.

Buffbots / Twoboxing is just another way to enjoy the game. I know a guy who plays 4 to 6 accounts simultaneously. He’s done it in EQ, EQ2, DAoC, WoW. It’s just another way to enjoy the game. I’m not sure why any company would make it too difficult for a single user to run multiple accounts.

I’m trying to understand why companies are so lax towards farmers and gold sellers. I’m thinking that part of the reason is that it may consume so many CS resources to root out each farmer / gold seller that it’s not worth it.

Such as? How would you suggest they go about fighting a business which effectively can hydra and spawn a new pseudo-identity for every one you shut down? One where after hours of research to confirm that you have, indeed, found an honest to god gold sales transaction, the subsequent account shutdowns that follow impact:

a) A potentially longtime player who bought the gold
b) A farmer who’s now out about $40 worth of potential capital and another $10 for a new account
c) A GM staff who could easily have invested $40 worth of man-hours investigating (if we assume he only makes $8 an hour!)

The whole problem is that it’s so time-consuming and hard to seperate the professional sellers/farmers from someone who gave their friend a plat to start out that, given the ease of said person getting another account, it’s rarely worth the effort. So Mythic is trying to do what (little) it can to choke off the revenue stream and hurt the companies that way.

I think they see what the magazines and websites are doing as morally akin to if they were advertising for programs that help you pirate single player games*. And while I’m sure there are probably some publications and websites out there that do just that and still get some add dollars here and there, the big names in single-player game publishing long ago put their fut down on that practice for large, reputable publications.

(*You can argue whether or not gold-selling is detrimental to MMOs in the first place. But, then, you can argue whether or not piracy is detrimental to single player game sales as well.)

I’ve been nice to Tom Chick?

(I probably shouldn’t comment about anything else in this thread… especially since I found out about it, er, from this thread.)

Uh, no. They didn’t. And since I am a current TL, that’s about all I can say, unfortunately.