N-The Way of the Ninja

This game is amazing. I’m really getting into it. There is a downloadable version on the gamemakers site. Here’s the link

Hope you guys enjoy.

The in-browser version makes the developers cry - it was never meant to work like that, and they can’t update it. The offline version (http://www.harveycartel.org/metanet/downloads.html) is where it’s at.

But yes. This is quite literally the single best platform game ever made, it’s free, and it has more levels than I will ever complete in my lifetime. Joy!

It’s soul-crushingly difficult in a lot of levels, too. I’m not sure even the teenaged-me would have had the reflexes.

The sequel’s supposedly (http://www.xblarcade.com/node/8) coming to Xbox Live Arcade next year. More joy!

Why play a free game now when you can wait a year and pay.

It just makes sense.