N00b HTML question

Sure, it could be anything. But I bet you $10 it’s Apache.

You’re assuming, of course, that the web server is bug-free. :)

No, I’m assuming nothing whatsoever about the web server, is my point. I’m assuming that the web browser is working right, because transforming relative URLs is the browser’s job.

I promise this is how HTTP and HTML work!

Oh yeah ? well u–


Shit, I got nothin’. You’re right. Asshole. ;)

So I get a valuable cash prize, right? That’s how it works?

True story: The more forceful I get about technical matters, the more I start wondering whether I’m actually right. Before I made my first post, I read the HTML spec and confirmed it worked that way. Before making the second, I also went and read the RFC for URIs. Before making the third, I went and read the HTTP spec and also did some testing.

So yeah, I’m pretty confident at this point.

Yeah, I’ve done that before… a lot.

I can’t believe I didn’t, like, immediately realize this, though. Gawd, I feel like an amateur, now.

I bury my head in shame.

Hmm… so what’s the matter, Cubit? Did you or did you not type a leading slash in your initial version that didn’t work? Does removing the ./ prefix work now, or does it not? Confess!