Namco Museum Battle Collection Requires 1.52 Firmware to Run

So it begins.

EDIT: Woops. The news was broken in another thread. Is there a link to the PSP Version Changer ranvarian menioned?

EDIT 2: Duh.

Dumbest PSP question ever:

How do you upgrade PSP firmware?

Either downoad it over WiFi, transfer it via USB, or install from the disk that’s demanding the upgrade (it adds a menu item).

Or just run the WAB firmware thing that makes it look like your psp is running version 2.0.

Problem solved.

Hm, problem not solved. Does this also require installation of the “WAB MS launcher” I also see on the site?

EDIT: I give up. the .nfo says that Lumines won’t run with the launcher installed. Where’s that 2.0 firmware?

dont bother w/ the launcher (which doesnt stop lumines from working anyways, you were likely reading a compat. list for ISO files, I’m assuming you are using UMDs and bought the game), thats for ISOs. Just fake-change your firmware version.

You want #15 on their download list. Should work fine with every game out at the moment, evetually they will probably use some junk that was in 2.0 or whatever, and then you will have to update if the ‘hacking’ doesnt keep pace.