Namco signs Stargate Alliance game

Okay, so I nicked the story from Blue’s News, but let’s face it, now that Namco is publishing Stargate Alliance this means the game will pretty much be yet another console game ported to the PC. This isn’t to say all console game ports are bad, but just look at their PC games page.

Aren’t all those games awesome? Pac-man 3 is way better then Doom 3, Sniper Elite is easily a rival to Commandos, and Street Race Syndicate just hands down floors NFSU. Right?

(disclaimer, I am a huge stargate fan)

It’ll probably be better than Xenosoapopera : Der Wille Zur KinderBumsen

Chut up. Those games rock.

I don’t really care about the Stargate game, but you should realize that Namco is very serious about PC games. They’re publishing the Warhammer game from Black Hole Entertainment (Armies of Exigo).

You might also have heard of these guys…

Hellgate: London is being published by Namco. It’s a hardcore PC game.

You might know some of these people…

If you don’t, then you’re pretty out of touch with PC games.


now that Namco is publishing Stargate Alliance this means the game will pretty much be yet another console game ported to the PC

JoWooD intended to release PS2 and Xbox versions as well - and I don’t guess that the PC version would have been dramatically better.


So, did it turn out that the developers were in the driving seat after all, and JoWood’s press release claiming to have “cancelled” the game because of quality issues was issued beacuse JoWood needed more lawsuits filed against them? Or am I thinking of something else?

I wish they would have finsihed X-COM: Alliance.


Dave, but did they publish them already? No… and they could turn out bad – hype doesn’t mean anything as numerous games such as Doom 3 have taught us! When Namco sets a precedent, then we could say they do make good PC games once in a while.

Namco’s agreement was with JoWood for the North American publishing rights. My guess is Namco just hasn’t removed the page from their web site yet.

Yeah, but that’s not really your initial assertion. ANY game can turn out bad, including those from full-time PC games makers. Namco is going out of their way to publish what would be considered hardcore PC titles here in the US. They have identified a growing market for them in Japan as well as here in the US. Rather than releasing ports, they’re going to people with PC game experience to make these games.

I’m not sure what more you can expect? Hellgate: London will be at least competent if not excellent when it ships based on the developer pedigree. Warhammer looks pretty darn great already too, based on the CGM preview. PC gamers bitch and moan and moan and bitch about not having enough games. In comes a former console/arcade game only publisher who’s trying to supply you with hardcore PC games and you’re going to just bitch and moan and moan and bitch about them not being an established PC publisher?

It’s not a wonder PC gamers are often referred to as the whiniest and bitchiest gamers around. Apparently nothing can satisfy them. I sometimes wonder why anyone bothers to make games for PCs when there is just so much negativity from the people who should be hobby’s biggest supporters.