Name me some modern day sex symbols

So a friend and I were talking about something and somehow I had to come up with a reference to a bombshell/sex symbol. My mind kind of blanked for celebrity names and all I could come up with in that second was “Kathy Ireland”. Of course, that’s really dated now as she’s in her 40s.

All I could think of off the top of my head was Jessica Alba. Is she the go-to sex symbol now? I guess there is Megan Fox but she’s kind of flash in the pan and too skanky for my tastes.

What are some good, solid, sex symbols of today?

Kathy, my dream girl when I was a lad, is still holding up incidentally:

Bradjalina still has some legs don’t they?

I’d say Beyonce in the music arena.

Skanky. I’m talking beautiful and not skanky. (in response to Jolie).

Scarlet Johansen.

Beyonce is skanky? You have a much lower bar for skank than most.

Unless you are talking Ms. Jolie, who is rat house crazy maybe, and the homewrecker thing, but Ingrid Bergman was guilty of that also.

EDIT: How about Zi Zhang? International and classy (as far as I know - she might chew tobakky and play video poker all day for all I know of her personal life)

Ah, good one Demon. Definitely.

Angeline Jolie - though she is off my list once I realized those tattoos in Wanted are real. Rebecca Romijin (nooo, Eastwick was canceled - well, she’s been looking a bit heavy in that). Monica Bellucci. Halle Berry.

On the male side, I’d say George Clooney is a pretty big sex symbol, along with Brad Pitt.

Yes, but in light of what you are asking “Sex Symbols,” skank falls under “sexy” a lot of times. Are you just asking for beautiful people with no baggage or are you asking for sex symbols, period?’s list of top women is usually all about sex appeal. That might be a good list to work from for starters.

Trashy Sexy - Jenna Jameson
Respectable Sexy - Katherine Heigl
Hollywood Sexy - Scarlett Johansson
Sexy to Women Sexy - Angelina Jolie
Sexy to Women who watch Soap Operas Sexy - Eva Longoria
Rubenesque Sexy - Kate Winslet
Girls that Guys like Sexy - Marisa Tomei


Woof, that askmen article has my current crush on the front, the girl from Entourage that plays Eric’s girlfriend. She is crushingly hot. It’s actually worth sitting through Zohan just to see her in a tight shirt.


edit: and I can agree with askmen about Eva Mendes, but a lot of their top ten are either fairly obscure (centerfolds and swimsuit models) or not really hot so much as pretty, like Anne Hathaway.

Catherine Bell. A total loon, but veeery sexy. What, you think I sat through nine seasons of JAG for the plot?

Christina Hendricks bitches!

Holly Weber says … “For the No. 1 men’s website to rank me as one of the Top 99 Most Desirable women is a substantial achievement for me. Having and their readers recognize my work by including me among some of the most beautiful and talented women in the world marks a significant accomplishment in my career.”

In other news Holly Weber employs a publicist.

Trashy Sexy - Jenna Jameson

You’ve seen her recently, right? The duck faced scarecrow?

Bing Bing Bing Bing

It ain’t about what a girl got. Every girl has her good and bad. What it’s about is what a girl does with it.

And I’m hard-pressed to think of a girl who does with what she got as well as what this girl does with what she got:

Seriously. Go watch that scene in the Firefly episode “Our Mrs. Reynolds” again. You know the one I’m talking about.

I would cheat on Elin Nordgren with her.

You only beat me to it because I typed more. Great minds think alike, though.

Edit: Zhang Ziyi and Scarlett are good picks, too. They also do very, very well with what they have.

The thing is, all three of these gals… none of them fit the “beautiful” image that’s sold by the ad and fashion industries. Ziyi is too flat-chested and the white chicks are too fat. But every one of them can test you for erectile dysfunction without even taking their clothes off, with just the right look at just the right time, and it’s a different look for each one of them.

And there’s a moral in there about sex appeal that applies to everyone.

Also, lest we forget: