Name me some modern day sex symbols

With maybe the exception of Eccleston, those aren’t particularly quirky choices.

Anyway, as far as current sex symbols go (in terms of my reckoning of the pop culture, not who I’m personally into)… Sarah Palin. The two guys from Twilight. Blake Lively.

For hipsters/geeks/nerds: Stewart, Colbert and Maddow, Felicia Day, Tina Fey.

Black men generally make bald work just fine.

I smugly rest my case.

What?! Either Kate Winslet has gained 100lbs since I last saw a photo of her, or you don’t know what Rubenesque means. Or I just fell for a really obvious troll…

I disagree. As already described by Rimbo, sexiness is not necessarily pure good looks. Hence Patrick Stewart is sexy, but not necessarily the most handsome man out there. I would also vote for George Clooney. However, I’m pretty sure if you ask some under 25 women you’ll get different answers, they probably like some pretty-boy types that are too young for my taste.

Yeah, the qualifier there is age. He did better than younger guys, ok. Why? Were they voting because he was bald? Patrick Stewart’s* voice probably does more than just about anything else for him.

*I apologize about misspelling his name.

If this is your guys’ response, you don’t understand my argument. You guys are why so many otherwise unattractivene men throw themselves at the most attractive women in such high numbers (aka, the OKCupid data). They don’t have an objective grip on what they actually look like or where they are on the food chain.

You’re all basically Roman in GTA4*.

*Actually, nearly everybody in GTA4 is basically Roman, which is a different discussion about how much denial you have to be in to be successful in the first place.

Geez, Patrick Stewart with hair kinda looks like Richard Gere…

I firmly believe that baldness makes Patrick Stewart and Bruce Willis more attractive than if they had hair. I think a poll would find that most people agree with me.

It just makes me depressed that in a future where we travel among the stars we still haven’t cured baldness.

I’m saying, flat-out, that Patrick Stewart’s sexiness is completely independent of his baldness.

I’ll even take it a step further: There is no such thing as a feature that is a pure “positive” or “negative.” Even disfigurements can become sexy if the person knows what he/she is doing; I knew a gal with a cleft palate who was sexy as hell back in college.

Those are wigs, he started losing his hair at 19, and was pretty much bald by his 30s.

It’s hard to know why individuals vote-- the poll was to determine most sexy, though, so presumably a lot of ladies at the time thought Stewart was most sexy. I would infer from that, then, that baldness at the very least is not intrinsically unsexy to a lot of ladies. The voice can’t hurt, of course.

Again I say, this whole baldness discussion really needs to factor in black men.

ElGuapo, here’s an interview, full of awesome, to whet your appetite. Jade talks of building robots and shooting zombies, among other things.

This is true – Lawrence Fishburne in The Matrix was rocking the bald look very well.

I guess you haven’t seen Australia? Botox is evil! Upper lip in Kidman’s case. Awful to behold.

The fact you need to qualify it with “black men” says there’s certain amount of fetishism of other going on there, imo. It’s kind of like saying a woman looks “exotic.”

Or perhaps that the kind of facial features generally found in African phenotypes tend to work better with a smooth dome.

Also, Mordrak, you gotta be setting some kinda standard for wrongness in EE. I mean, baldness is automatically unsexy in an absolute sense? Madness.

Oh! Also! Freema Agyeman! Mmmmmmm.

Yeah, I married a woman like that. Underneath the “she loves all the things I love!” and hotness was pure craziness.

Here I am, talking like I’m going to go on a date with some woman from Montreal. Ha!

(p.s. Charles can you set this up? kthnksbye)

I’ve got to agree that Angelina Jolie, despite possibly being past the prime of her popularity, is the biggest sex symbol we’ve had in the last decade or so. When I think sex symbol, I’m thinking everything from how they look, to how they behave in the public eye, to the roles they take, and with all that factored in, I can’t think of anyone else even close.

Scarlett Johansson (is that spelled right? I hate spelling her name) is far more beautiful to me than Jolie ever was, Christina Hendricks has the attitude and certainly many people here prefer her but she doesn’t have a “mainstream look”, etc. Not that I prefer women try to fit some mainstream standard, just that a mainstream standard is pretty much what the definition of a sex symbol boils down to. A sex symbol has always been just as much a reflection of the culture as an assessment of the person, which is where Jolie runs off with it while Christina Hendricks just gets the nerd vote (although I also grant that her popularity is probably still increasing; she certainly may be on her way to being the new standard in a few years, depending on her career).

And by those standards, I’d have to assume Brad Pitt would be the frontrunner for male sex symbols of the generation or so.

What gets me is the collagen injections. Those are evil incarnate. It should have been some ability in Vic Davis’ new game. It’s that bad.

Women need to let their lips fall flat if need be. Blowing them up like balloons is not the answer. I watched a show following an actress that got her lips done and he totally destroyed her smile. Fortunately she didn’t really blow them up big, but she did just enough to ruin the sharp points on edges or her lips/smile that were very attractive to begin with.

Of course, what really matters is if she’s happy with it, but my god, at least get some second opinions about what your best features are before you go in.

Anyway, we’ll just have to agree to disagree about the baldness thing.

Um…your mind works in very strange ways. Would you like to try to argue that there’s a fetishistic element to say, black women who are attracted to bald black men? Because I don’t think it works like that. We’re discussing “bald men”. Bald black men are still bald men. I’m pointing out a case where I think your stance fails even more than usual.

What I’m saying is, it is relatively rare for black men to grow ponytails or mullets. And it is relatively difficult to affect a combover with black hair, it’s usually too short and curly. Therefore, it’s less common for black men to do the worst of the bad, aesthetically repulsive/pathetic things bald and balding men do (obviously there are exceptions, I’m speaking in terms of large populations).

For the most part if a black man is balding significantly he just shaves his head. And since very short/shaved haircuts are perfectly acceptable among young black men and prominent athletes and such, I think it skews the notion that it’s universally something that must be overcome.