Name me some modern day sex symbols

Totally agreed. It’s like the mismatched hairpiece or artificial tans.

Pitt, Clooney and Depp I think are the big three males of the past 20 years.

Oh deary me, how could I possibly forget Jewel? Yummy.

Welp, you heard it here first. Black is hot isn’t a preference, it’s a fetish.

JFC, Mordrak.

Oh yeah, them too.

She’s so darn cute though. That certainly includes sex appeal, but she’s almost the opposite of an actual sex symbol. Especially if even a board full of nerds has people forgetting to mention her.

No one has mentioned Charlize Theron or Kate Beckinsale?

I would entertain an argument for Charlize Theron, but I still think Jolie beats her, and Kate Beckinsale? Really? Wasn’t she just in a bunch of crappy vampire movies? Granted, the bar for crappy vampire movies has been drastically lowered recently, but still, I don’t think of her as a big star.

Dude! Read. I didn’t say anything like that. We’re discussing baldness, not how hot “black” is. If your pro-bald argument is that it looks hot on “black men” I think there’s a certain amount of fetishism going on there, not if you like black men, it’s only a fetish.

Did the sexy morph into the Oscar-winning the sexy?

True. sexy-cute is what she is.

And if we’re talking international sex symbol, I don’t really think anyone come close to Angelina Jolie, even if she isn’t quite my cup of tea. I guess how pretty and how cute she is is debatable, but for raw sex appeal, she’s an epic win.

Uh, I’m female. I think Patrick Stewart (as Picard) is sexy. I do not think he is good looking. The two do not necessarily go together, at least in my world. I have met lots of very good looking men who are not sexy at all. I have met some unattractive men who were very sexy. I’m getting the urge to go and draw a Venn diagram for you.

To take a hideously extreme example of this, gold-digger types apparently think that old, ugly, very very rich men are sexy. It is my opinion that contrary to what we usually like to imagine - that gold diggers are secretly vomiting in disgust at having to do the deed with unattractive, ugly older guys, they actually find such men attractive. Sexiness, and attractiveness are mainly psychological. Many women find power attractive, and some think money=power=attractive. So you end up with model types hanging on the arm of hideous muppets like Donald Trump.

You don’t seem to understand what I’m saying. I never said being bald precluded women from wanting to be with you. I said baldness was always a bad thing, which other factors can trump (horrible pun intended).

It’s a raw negative, added to your charisma score, which can be mitigated by how you wear it and wealth, power, an air of authority, celebrity, etc can all be various reasons women overlook a man being unattractive, hence they would be positive situational modifiers to your charisma score.

That is where you are wrong, Mordrak. Baldness is not always a bad thing. Seriously, you want Patrick Stewart in a wig?

well shit, both of 'em are bigger stars than Hendricks, but I’d say Hendricks is as much a sex symbol as either of them.

(and yes, both jolie and theron are sex symbols, shouldn’t be any discussion on that, especially after “2 days in the valley” and “Gia”)

We understand what you are saying, and we all happen to disagree. You’re not wrong or anything, you just have no one who agrees with your subjective point of view on the issue (or if anyone does agree, they aren’t here, posting in this thread).

It’s not Patrick Stewart vs. Patrick Stewart in a wig. Wigs generally don’t look as good on people because they don’t wear them like they would their own hair, let alone the fact that you are used to seeing him as bald in a prominent role which he’ll be known for the rest of his life.

Go be a passive aggressive ass somewhere else. Obviously people are not understanding because they keep bringing up things like, gold diggers, celebrities as if I said baldness always keeps guys from getting laid.

I found Billy Zane much hotter when he shaved his head than with hair.