Name of the Year 2009

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Name of the Year competition has reached the Final Four, giving you an opportunity to vote for the best name across the globe (and damn the proper pronounciations).

The clear frontrunner is LSU linebacker recruit Barkevious Mingo, who is pulling ahead with some controversial distributed campaigning. He even defeated Crystal Metheny in the last round.

I’m really excited to see if he reaches the glories of Spaceman Africa, Assumption Bulltron, and I-Perfection Harris. He’s cruising against Nutritious Love right now but may have trouble in the finals against the scrappy Murray State golf coach, Velvet Milkman.

She won’t win, but I cannot stop saying ‘Iris Macadangdang’ to myself.

I knew a grad student in college named Erik Bloodaxe.

I’m torn. Of the final four I like Barkevious Mingo and Nutritious Love the best.

As I commented on EDSBS, the thing about Nutritious Love is that she is just a faceless profile on some webpage. Allegedly she lives in Alabama. Barkevious is a real person and if he does well at LSU, we’ll be hearing a lot about him!

It’s Barkevious vs. Iris in the final. Cast the most important vote of 2009.

Both of these candidates have strong grass-roots organizations supporting them.



How the hell can you not vote for something as fun to say as “Macadangdang”?

Yeah, “Iris Macadangdang” still makes me smile every time I say it.

Because while “Macadangdang” is awesome as surnames go, it’s just a foreign language, and “Iris” is a perfectly normal first name. No big deal that. But “Barkevious?” Someone up and named her son “Barkevious”. And when you tack that onto the decently silly surname of “Mingo,” what you have is this awesome combination of Adjective + Flash Gordon supervillain. Barkevious Mingo.

And you’d better respect his name or he’ll knock your block off.

Iris is ahead, 51% to 49%. Go Iris!

As it turns out, Rimbo and my wife make almost exactly the same argument for Barkevious Mingo, and I have been convinced.

I still love saying “Macadangdang”, but I had to vote for Mingo.

Yeah, I’m with Rimbo on this one too. Barkevious for the victorah!

He has to go far in the Football world with a name like that, too. That’s just how it works!

Actually, the argument both I and Hippo’s wife made are lifted almost directly from comments made by the NOTY Committee itself.

I’ve been voting for Barkevious and will be disappointed if he doesn’t win

Macadangdang has my vote.

Macadangdang only works if it’s paired with a short, perfectly normal first name. Kawajang Macadangdang doesn’t work nearly as well. I prefer Barkevious Mingo in theory, but in practice Macadangdang is just more fun.

Barkevious will get placed in the Hall of Fame by the organizers regardless of whether he wins.

I dunno, if you could get two more "-ang"s in the first name, like Wangbang Macadangdang, that’s pretty much the ace of trumps.


Some names from this year’s crop that I’m surprised didn’t make the final 4 at least:

Glorious Johnson
Muffin Lord
Nemesis Vega
Gauntlett Mighty
Infinite McCloud
Juvyline Cubangbang
<— almost as good as Iris Macadangdang
Dr. Shasta Kielbasa <— just great on so many levels, who wouldn’t want to be a patient of Dr. Shasta Kielbasa??

and my personal non-finals favorite:
Really, it almost demands to be yelled: CHUCK FUGGER!
Out of the way, peons, CHUCK FUGGER wants his coffee!