Name of the Year 2009

They do a lot of analysis on the site so if you are curious about names you can read older blog posts.

Most of the crowd goes for more “refined” names that last, rather than an easy dick joke. Barkevious Mingo is nowhere near as guffaw-inducing as Crystal Metheny but it is much deeper and works on different levels as an awesome name.

Also, they admit they suck at seeding.

Chuck Fugger is the winner in my unofficial office poll.

There are some kids I went to grade school with that should show up on these.

Still in the lead by 190 votes. Polling ends Monday.

Bah, I voted for Mingo, but third-place leader Velvet Milkman is better than either of them.

It is obvious that the team is biased towards Mingo.


Get Jimmy Carter on it.

Dr. Shasta Kielbasa should have won hands down.


2007 winner: Vanilla Dong
second place was Kyle Sackrider

Over the years, there have been like three other nominees named Velvet, but Barkevious is more unique than Unique (at least two past nominees with that name).

Doby Chrochtangle is the best name ever.

Mingo is victorious.

The steampunk emperor cruelly destroyed Iris, but graciously forgave her posthumously.

All hail Mingo!