Name of the Year 2011

It’s back, baby!

Man, there are some awesome names this year. Orel Oral? Heidi Hohl? Shalom Dreampeace Compost? People are awesome.

There’s a Vernon Lee Bad Marriage Sr.?

I kinda wanna legally change my name to Madz Negro.

Wow, there are some great ones amongst that list. Are these for newborns or is it just people changing their names to crazy things? If its the former, I foresee people growing up to hate their parents…

I think they’re mostly college “athletes”.

That’s how it started, but nowadays they’re from all over the place. #1 seed La’Peaches Pitts, is a HR Rep. Obviously the Reverend Demon Sox is a man of the cloth (or is he?!)

And Dr. Loveday Conquest is a Aquatic Fisheries Professor. And a woman!

20 to 1 she’s being nailed by a british agent at this very second.


My picks, by region:

Bulltron: Col. Many-Bears Grinder

Sithole: Chuntania Dangerfield

Dragonwagon: Taco B.M. Monster

Crotchtangle: Madz Negro

I once worked with a guy named Randy Tancock. TRUE STORY.

The Sithole bracket is rather weak, I’ve gotta say.

I loled.

This is possibly the funniest thing I’ve read so far this year.

I was so disappointed with last years results…I don’t know if I can get invested with this tournament again.

No one will ever beat Barvkevious Mingo. They should do an all-star league after a few more years.

This was very funny, thank you.


This thread reminds me of me old dad, who I don’t speak to anymore, who in his profession as an insurance agent with thousands of policy holders had many with strange names.

Including many illiterate folk who had to sign as “X”.

And the doctor who changed his name to Doctor Moneybucks.

And, my alltime favorite which I will apparently remember until the day I die, not having thought of it recently… drum roll… Gallaway Raper.

Seriously, how would you like to go through life like that - “Excuse me, Mister Raper, would you liked mustard on that hot dog?”. Or, Nick names would be tough, I mean, mine is obviously Nick (my Nick name is Nick, yuk yuk), but in his case it would have been a little disconcerting in the locker room when you hear “Hey Gal, whassup?!”.

you, sir, win the internets for this week. well done. well done.

My 5th grade science teacher was Mrs. Raper.

Raper is a not-uncommon Anglic name.

I had a kid in my elementary school whose last name mas “Boner”… pronounced “bon-air,” but that’s not what everyone would assume on reading it. That would have been bad enough, but his parents insisted on naming him Harold… and then inflicting the obvious nickname.

These are amazing.

Bulltron Regional Favorite:

Courvoisier Winetavius Richardson
Runner-up: Tuesday Muse

Sithole Regional Favorite:

Quardrophenia Taylor
Runner-up: Solo Alone, forever doomed to be alone

Dragonwagon Regional Favorite:

Commie Spead (if only his lastname was Spread)
Runner-up: Moe Lester

Crotchtangel Regional Favorite:

Neptune Pringle III
Runner-up: Orel Oral