Name that Algorithm!

Ok, I’m trying to Google this with little success so far. I’ve seen a reference to it being in Graphic Gems I by Andrew Glassner, but I don’t have that book, and it’s 15 years old.

2d line intersection with arbitrarily oriented polygon.

I’ve found what seems like a very good 3d version of that, but my math-fu is pretty weak after all these years of IT slavery, so I don’t think I can adapt it. The other bit I’ve found is just raw code. I hate trying to derive an algorithm from some guys messy C++ code.

Anyway, if you can name that algorithm, or give me a google pointer to it, I would be most grateful.


There’s a bunch here

Super useful.

That’s crazy. I just found out that Dave Eberly is the brother of a very good friend that sits across from me at work (and has for years). I had no idea who he was and had never seen this website before a week ago and here it pops up on Qt3! Nuts!


The Graphics Gems source is here:

The table of contents is also at that site. If you know what article you need, I may be able to help, since I own the books.

Thanks for the help all… I found that Graphics Gems link with my googling… And it inspired me to buy the ($180!!) set of the first 3 books.

Should be here next week sometime.