Name That Game: The Really Hard Unfair Edition

Should be Titled: Name That Game: Never Underestimate the QT3 Shared Game Knowledge.

Back in the 486 - early Pentium days there was this raiden like game. You earned money by blowing up enemy ships and tanks that you could spend on new ships and ship upgrades. The best ship looked like a carrot and the best ship gun was either a mustard or ketchup gun. And here’s the kicker this game was actually just an easter egg in another game that I can remember nothing about.
I don’t know what made me think of it but boy is it annoying me now that I can’t remember the name or the actual game it was in. So I’ll ask the qt3 hive mind. Any guesses?


maybe tyrian??


Sweet you guys are awesome

Tyrian have that secret destruct mini game.

secret edit!

Tyrian was a good game, too bad it was so good there really weren’t many other games like it on the PC at the time.

Correct guess in 5 minutes, screenshot in 6 minutes.

New QT3 record?

It wasn’t that hard to guess in regarding to this question, there wasn’t that many good vertical shooters back in the 486.

There were only three vertical shooters worth playing.
Raptor, Tyrian, and Raiden 2.

Ah the golden age of shareware. When Epic and Apogee were making tons of fun sidescrollers. Hours and hours of Scorched Earth.

Have you played Scorched 3D? It’s pretty good.

It loses something in being 3d.

It’s just not the same, or as fun.

God, I loved Tyrian. As in, I played the demo version for months, then, years later, when I came across a used copy of Tyrian 2000, I ended up losing another couple of months to it.

Thank God for that game.

the open tyrian thing on DS is decent enough. not perfect, but worth messing about with.



Tyrian was one of the first PC games I ever played, our new home P.C. that my parents got had Tyrian loaded on it.

I loved that game… especially playing co-op with my little brother… ahh… memories.

Wait, is Tyrian the same as Tyrian 2000? The best ship is really a carrot?

Yup, the carrot was awesome. I also loved the screensaver thing that came with it.

What was the VGA (lower budget) space shooter that came out a few years before Tyrian? (Raptor was good too) -Galact-something?

VGA? Makes me think of Xenon 2, which was one of the early 256-color shmups.

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