Name this game

You are sitting in a friend’s basement in the 80s. You are playing an Atari 800. You are playing a space exploration game that features the U.S. Navy’s “Anchor’s Away” when your spaceship takes off.

What game are you playing?

I’m sure I’m wrong, but I’ll guess Star Raiders.

Long shot and cant check because I am at work.

Quest of the Space Beagle?

I shall name it…Doug.

Pretty sure it’s not Quest of the Space Beagle. That looks like more of a big battles game. As I recall there was very little fighting during this game. It mostly consisted of you taking off in a ship, landing your ship Buck Rogers vertical-engines-down on a planet, collecting something, then taking off again. A side view most of the time. Also, we played Star Raiders about the same time. I might be mistaken, but that was more of an Elite type game, in first person sim style. This definately had side view landing mission on planets.

Memory is a hard thing to nail down. All I remember very distinctly was the Anchor’s Away theme.

It (the song) is “Anchors Aweigh”. I point this out not to demean you and the phonics on which you are so hooked, but to provide you with information that can get you laid. Since we’re talking about the navy here, I feel compelled to add that it can get you laid by a girl. Though I bet it would work just as well, if not three or four times better, if you…know a place where sailors hang out. :wink:

As far as your actual problem goes, try browsing through these pages and see if anything jogs your memory:

If you were looking for the spaceship game that uses the 1812 Overture, I would have been all over that.

Though I suppose it’s possible that at one point it also uses Anchors Aweigh and I just forgot about that part because the 1812 Overture is a lot more memorable at that age.

Anyway, that’s Astro Chase.

Man, I remember drooling over that screenshot in my younger days…

Heh. Anchors Aweigh. Having only heard it sung, and never thinking about it, that makes more sense. Anchors away would mean the opposite, dropping anchors, right?

That game looks fun. However, I may have found it. I think it’s called:

Journey to the Planets

The “Anchors Aweigh” bit happened only at the beginning of the game, as you took off from your home, I recall. You’d go side to side on these planets on missions resembling Pitfall. Even the landing was dangerous. Each planet was differnt and had its own rule system, including gravity, obstacles to overcome, etc. It was really fun.