Nanny State Strikes Again: Can't hug your Optician in Washington State

This is also true in the district my wife teaches in (Contra Costa County, CA). Not sure if it is true in all California districts.

Yes, let’s start jailing people for believing in stuff from the Bible. That’ll go over really well.

Right, because it criminalizes beliefs! Except it doesn’t. The law criminalizes the act of speaking when said speech can be classified as “hate speech.”

I think the dividing line they apparently chose is not a good one, but that doesn’t mean it’s ridiculous to choose one.

For example:

“I am going to kill all people of type X” - illegal in both.
“Join me in killing all people of type X” - illegal in both.
“I want all people of type X to be killed” - illegal in Canada, not US.
“I want you to kill all people of type X” - dunno.

From there it expands out further.

My I point out that no once can ever hug their Optician with nuclear arms?

I said somehow, not neccesarily jail, and yeah, we ought to address bigotry in the bible. It’s about 2000 years overdue, actually.

sorry, ot.

This is why law needs to move into a better markup system than glossing.

Nothing problematic about it.

We’re doing quite well here. Peachy keen.

For therapists it makes sense. Not so much for dental hygienists or opticians.

I don’t think it’s so much nanny-state as stupid laws, which get passed by all sides of the political spectrum.

I’d be amused as hell if a video got posted on youtube of someone chasing their optician or whatever around, trying to hug them.

I’m pretty sure that that dream is illegal in Washington. Call the Dream Police!

Slogan: “What is on your mind?”

Cal them? They’re already on the case. They do, after all, live inside our heads.