Naomi Judd has died

Oh man, the Judds were huge in the 80s. Even if they were Nashville overproduced they were still amazing voices and from what I recall pretty good live too. 76 isn’t all that old, so this comes as a surprise.

The Twitter post from her daughter says “Today we sisters experienced a tragedy. We lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness. We are shattered.”

To me that implies suicide, but that would be jumping to conclusions.

Oh wow. Ya. That definitely implies suicide or something similarly terrible. And if that’s from the daughters I mean, geez.

Yeah, she spoke openly about having debilitating depression.

It just goes to show you how horrific depression and other mental illness can be. This is a woman who rose to the top of her craft and had a loving family and millions of fans, but she felt she couldn’t keep living. It’s so sad.

I’ve lost people I’m close to to similar circumstances. I wish there was a way to let people in their darkest places know how important they are to so many, but the illness makes that difficult or impossible.

Sadly, it has been confirmed as suicide: