Napoleon Dynamite vs. Rushmore

Thats EXACTLY how a feel about Rushmore. I’m not trying be be trollish or just being opposite to be cute . During the entire time I was watching Rushmore, I wanted to claw my eyes out. Most of the time when I don’t like something everyone loves, I get why people love it. I have no clue about Rushmore. When I watched it, I was expecting a quirky off center comedy. From the trailers, and internet raves, I figured it was going to be some sort of cross between a Woody Allen film, The World According to Garp, and maybe King Pin if it got wacky. So I didn’t have high hopes, but was expecting to at least be amused for an hour or so. Ok maybe I did have somewhat high hopes since I secretly hoped it would be in the vain of After Hours only focused on highschool. Instead, what I was “treated” to was a movie so painful to watch, that my eyes still hurt at the sight of the box. The only conclusion I can think of is there has to be another Rushmore also Staring Jason Schwartzman & Bill Murray that somehow got mastered to my disk by mistake.

One possibly theory that a friend came up with: The reason why I hate Rushmore (and most Wes Adnderson films) is the same reason why I hate The Office. Uncomfortable moments, which are funny for most people, are painful for me to watch. I don’t agree with that 100% but its the best explaination I’ve heard to date.

The Life Aquatic has grown on me and its the best Anderson film to date. When I first saw it, I was rather meh about it. Well, not completely as it was the first Wes Anderson film that I didn’t hate. However after repeat viewings I’ve taken a liking to it. Its probably more to do with the the actors than the writing and directing but I can’t deny it, I actually like The Life Aquatic.

ND and Baltimore Maryland

Location has nothing to do with it.

Back to the first post, how is Rushmore similar to ND anyhow? I just don’t see it. As I said above I could see an ND/Welcome to the Dollhouse thread, but Rushmore?

Fuck Wes Anderson.

I’m in the wagon of people who don’t understand how the two movies are similar at all, but for the sake of discussion, I liked ND better. Napolean Dynamite is a totally pointless, stupid movie, but it’s great. I can only handle movies like Rushmore so much before they start becoming tedious to watch. I loved Life Aquatic, but I can’t see watching it over and over. ND, on the other hand, gets funnier every time for some reason.

Same here. I must have too much empathy for fictional characters, but those moments make me turn away or hide my eyes, not laugh. Same thing happens in real life, too.

But that’s why it is so funny.

I’m in the Rushmore was overrated camp, but it was definitely the better movie by far.

Just to throw in a “me too”, I can’t watch Laverne & Shirley, among a hundred others, because of empathy embarassment.


I haven’t watched Rushmore, so I’m in the ND camp.
heh heh

Rushmore was a good Wes Anderson film, before he got too indulgent. Not sure how it can be defined as “horrible” by a long shot. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a competent film at least.

I resisted watching ND for a long time, but saw it recently with an open mind and enjoyed it. Will I watch it again? Probably never.

Don’t get your hopes up.

ND bored me. I already lived through that crap in High School.

I loved Rushmore when it came out, and even bought the DVD recently, but it doesn’t hold up as well for me now. Probably my appreciation for twee wistfulness is a lot lower than it used to be.

I still prefer Rushmore to ND, which was spoiled for me by all the people who saw it and told me it was hilarious. Nothing ruins humor for me like expecting something to be funny. I’ll probably like ND better the second time around.

ND was not even remotely as funny as people made it out to be.

I took a “Great Directors” class my last quarter in College just to fill out my credits so I could keep my student loan (minimum 12 credits). Part of the class was to do a group presentation on a certain, recent indepdent director. My group had the Coen brothers, which was awesome, but there were these three girls in my group who were just fucking OBSESSED with Napoleon Dynamite. I wanted to hook them up to electrodes with the threat of shock just in case they started quoting ND during our presentation.

I was amused, not laughing out loud though. It was more unspoken situational/ironic humor than anything else. I suspect it depends on a few things in your life, whether or not you liked it, but whatever works. :)

I’m pretty sure if you saw it after people/the internet inundated you with how hilarious it was, it failed to live up to its hype. Fortuantely, I saw ND after stumbling upon its trailer on apple and saw it on a whim since it was playing down the street.

See ND with friends.

ND, New York

Indeed. When I walk into a movie, I need to have all my knowledge about that movie erased before it starts, Eternal-Sunshine-of-the-Spotless-Mind style, to prevent my expectations from ruining it. (Eternal Sunshine is a great movie by the way. And if you haven’t seen it, do so, and try and forget the smidgen I’ve already mentioned about it.)

(Edit: Looking back at past movie threads, it seems like almost everyone saw and liked Eternal Sunshine anyway.)

Bingo. I recently saw it and had a puzzled expression on my face most of the time. Other the fact that it should have been called Kip Dynamite, it’s main flaw is that it seemed like a long MadTV skit. I liked the actors, I laughed now and then, but I don’t get all of the accolades.