Napoleon's Ambition

Looks like all you EU3 players who missed the march of history will be getting your wish in August. Not only will the expansion move the timeline up to 1820, but

For those gamers looking for an even stronger historical experience, this option is the one. In addition to hundreds of new events, players will be able to see their rulers, leaders and advisors appear on the accurate historical dates.

More on the expansion can be found here.


Well now, what were the odds of this happening… ? ;)

Whoa, cool. Sounds like aside from the ugly 3D, will be adding a lot of the things I wanted out of EU3, like trade improvements as well…

In August, no less! Between that and the Civ 4 expansion in July, going to be a good strategy summer…

The cynical part of me thinks “hm, guess that’s how they made their ship date”.

That’s annoying. It looks like a lot of the expansion is about putting things back into EU3 that were in EU2.

Sigh. I’ll probably buy it. Because I am a sucker.

Odd that, in a press release for a digital-distribution-only game, they’ve got a picture of the “box.”

So two steps backward, then take one step forward with the expansion?

While I can’t complain that theyre giving me the historical gameplay I wanted all along I’m not exactly happy they’re making me pay up again. What’s worse, there’s no innovation here. What I really wanted was to have more dynamic historical events. Like in Hearts of Iron 2. There’s a small chance that Roosevelt won’t get elected in '36, which in turn influences who’ll get elected in '40.

Translated into EU3 I wanted a small chance for dynasties to change. Have the historical progression of monarchs as default but have a random check when a monarch dies to determine the successor.

I realise that branching it off like this for 90 nations is a hell of a task but it doesn’t have to be entirely dynamic. Just have two or three separate lines of monarchs for each country.

Also, I’d have liked more dynamic random events that weren’t so completely generic.

One thing that’s not clear from the press release is whether the new events are only in the new timeframe, or spread out through the game…

Unless they can cram “hundreds of new events” into 20 years, I think it’s safe to assume that this is a full game thing.


If you can cram hundreds of new events into any single time period - 1789 to 1820 is it.

Well I’ll be buying it. EU3 seems better suited to the napoleonic period than it’s predecessors… and the alternatives for napoleonic strategy games are pretty painful. O Empires in Arms*, where art thou???

*Somewhat ironically, The EU games are based on the Europa Universalis board game which was inspired by Empires in Arms.

If you figure 3 events per nation, 100 nations, 5 years… you end up with 300 events pretty damn fast.

If they said thousands, I’d be more relaxed about it. But hundreds?

Maybe there’s a special Napoleonic scenario with an event system like the one in Hearts of Iron.

Yes, I thought exactly the same thing when I read it. In EU2 there were certainly more than a thousand events total, probably significantly more.

IMHO it does not sound that enouranging, unless Paradox was underestimating the numbers in this press release. “Hundreds new events” could mean 1-3 events per nation.

Well, we shall see. If it will have similar amount of events to at least EU2, I will buy it, assuming it gets decent reviews from players. Otherwise I will pass on this game, just like I did on EU3, and my enthusiasm for future Paradox games will sink even lower.

In EU2 1.00, China had three events. Patches added many more. I’m not sure you ever get to over 1000 historical events unless you start throwing in the event-centered mods and random events.

What they mean by “historical events” is not clear in any case. Do they mean tightly scripted historical events like the ones in EU2, or do they mean generic pseudo-historical events like the ones in the game now?

In any case, it’s very unlikely they would go through the trouble of changing how events are done and leaders are created just for the Napoleonic end game. “Hundreds” is suitably vague, especially since I wager most of them haven’t even been written yet.


And Napoleons Ambition is now out on GamersGate. Actually it seems it’s been out for two weeks already. Why doesn’t people tell me these things?

Troy told me. ;)

And what he told me was enough to convince me that the expansion wasn’t worth my time or money. The impression I got was more of a feature-heavy patch than an expansion. I’m not paying 20€ to be able to (FINALLY) control where to send my merchants or get non-random kings. And it seems they haven’t even touched the horrible UI.

Koei actually made a game with Napoleon years and years ago.