Naraka Bladepoint - Now on Xbox as well

Been out awhile on PC, but recently launched on Xbox as well. It’s part of Game Pass so no cost. Basically a melee focused martial arts battle royale with high mobility/parkour.

There is an invite/referral reward system and both sides of the invite get rewards if you play far enough. This code only works for other xbox users though. Just put the code in by clicking ‘Invite Code’ when selecting your username when you first load it up. We both get rewards at every ten levels basically.


Stream of me playing, sadly it got muted in the vod. Near the end is a streak of 4 wins. Roughly the 3 hour mark I think.

The more I play this the more hooked I am. Played a bit of duos with a friend and the teamwork possible is also pretty impressive. Turning into a giant, grabbing your friend and healing him in your hands while you run out of combat and stuff like that are pretty satisfying.

I only played through the intro, and I kind of bounced off of it… wasn’t a real big fan of how it controlled.

It’s some kind of battle royale game, right?

I guess I should play at least one actual match with it.

yeah, just a melee focused battle royale with a asian martial arts theme. combat is super mobile with a rps underneath it.

I win my first 3 games.

I feel like something must be broken.

I hate to break this to you, but this game probably does the “your first few games are against mostly bots” thing that all battle royales do nowadays*. Expect a difficulty spike soon.

*or not, I dunno, maybe you’re really good, I just know I won my first few games of Fortnite, and it wasn’t because I was good at Fortnite

That was what I thought, but it seemed like in at least the second game there were real people playing.

But yeah, I’m thinking that the game must be populated by a bunch of bots, with maybe some real people, because otherwise I don’t see how I could win every game in a game I basically don’t know how to play.

it does, first handful of games are against the ‘casual’ difficulty of bots which are not so good. The Hard bots are quite hard though and I find that most of my matches against real people are easier than the Hard bots until you get to top 5 or so.

you can also turn off bot fill, but it will shrink the pool of players for you as well since AFAIK it only matches you with other people who have turned off bot fill.