Narc and 25th Hour

If you have a chance, see either one of these films. Not perfect by any means, but probably my fave films of recent times.

Narc is kind of cool for Torontonians, since they did a decent job of making Parkdale and Queen West into a bombed-out looking Detroit. Not sure if it’s really in the same vein as Serpico and French Connection, though. The ending was a little bit too much of a Hollywood twist to make me think it sits in that pantheon. Great intimate family life scenes, too; I still can’t figure out how they got the baby to sleep through the bedroom scene.

25th Hour is sort of a NYC love letter from Spike. I like how he managed to juxtapose dialogue-heavy scenes with great visuals (especially all the scenes in the club). Almost takes a turn into cheeseville at the end, but pulls it out with the last image. Also, Anna Paquin is disturbingly unattractive in this film, and frankly I don’t think it was the character.

All I wanna know is if NARC features big dogs being shot and turning into little dogs. (video game reference)