Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Besides being a mouthful to say, this game looks awesome! I just tried the demo out on live and was blown away by the visuals. I wish there was a little more in the demo to get an idea if this is just a button masher or if there is some skill involved in the actual game, but man that has to be one of the most impressive demos for a game I’ve ever played. It just kept getting crazier and more absurd and I loved it. Namco I hope you put out a winner.



Is this real life?

Is it just fantasy?

I played a little of the first and it really wasn’t a sophisticated fighting game that will consume your multiplayer life. It’s decent for couch multiplayer, though.

It does do some pretty awesome things with 3D animation but that’s mostly in the canned super moves that you probably get tired of after a while. Seems a rental to me unless the second game does something really clever with the single player.

Caught in a landslide

No escape from reality

Open your eyes

Ooh, thanks for the reminder. I saw a video of this a few months ago and it looked really cool. Gonna go grab the demo now.

God dammit, I just bought Queen thanks to this thread.