Naruto ultimate ninja

So I rented it, considering that I enjoyed the Dragon Ball fighting games (not sagas though). It’s good so far, like a mix of the DBZ games and smash brothers.

Well here’s the thing that hurts the game. The mission mode, a bunch of fights with conditions, the problem is that there so horribly written, I have no idea what the hell I’m supposed to do in them. Here’s an example the text says: Give more than 3 additional hits to the enemy.

Now you would think that means hit the guy 3 more times then he hits you, well that’s not right.

From a gamefaqs, they said you need to do alittle cutscene attack that happens after you throw a guy. Now how the hell is someone supposed to distinquish between that from the description above? Is this an issue with translating the game from japanese to english?

Still even with that problem, the game is pretty fun. It’s a bit more complicated then smash brothers, but it has a very neat gritty look to it. Which I heard is what the manga looks like (I’ve never read any manga before so I don’t know.) The other problem is that voice acting during the fights sounds like all the actors had a pillow over their mouths. I think that this game would be great on the Gc, with a 4 player option, instead of the other game that I heard was pretty lousy.