NAS backup

My Dad died a few month ago and I inherited his WD My Cloud Home (MYC) nas. I already had a My Cloud EX2 Ultra (Ultra) nas. What I want to to is use his MYC to backup my Ultra, but I can’t find any apps for either nas drive that would allow me to do a nas to nas backup. Currently I have to manually copy from one nas to the other or use the cloud which I don’t want to do. I do have a 4 gig Surface Go that I’m willing to use to automate the process if someone here could recommend an app that I could use that will allow me to choose the folders to backup, time to do the backup and will copy only the changes made once the first backup is completed. I’m willing to pay a little for the app, but remember I don’t need it to do a lot, only what mentioned. Thanks in advance for any help .

I have no idea, but I’m sort of curious now if you get any answers. Is there really not a way to do this just using an automated OS process? I don’t know the answer to that either, but it seems pretty basic.

Sorry to hear about your dad. It’s hard to lose a parent.

On windows you can use the built in tools like task scheduler and robocopy (google for plenty of tutorials).

I would assume those NAS units, if they have apps, would also have some sort of utility for this but all I saw was a bunch of commercial paid for apps like GoodSync. Which would work, be easy to setup, and not require a separate PC but I don’t how much they run.

I actually found something that works or at least appears to work. I couldn’t find anything using google and then in another thread someone mentioned DuckDuck go and I decided to try it. When I searched for nas to nas backup software it came up with this. It’s called ViceVersa Pro and it costs $60. When I tried the free trial it worked great and I decided to go ahead and buy it. When I clicked to buy it automatically added a second app called vvengine. At first I was inclined to not buy it, then I did more research and my gut told me to just buy it. Glad I did even though it cost an extra $25. I installed both on my 4 gig Surface go and after some fiddling around got it to do real time updates to both nas servers. Any time I make any changes to one nas server this app updates the other automatically within a few minutes. I had dragged and dropped my files from one nas to the other before I got the app and all the app had to do at the start is compare the two. It took around 10 minutes or less to compare 900 gig of data and copy whatever needed to be copied so that both nas drives were synced. It will only sync 2 drives at a time, but with the vvengine you can set up multiple templates to back up as many computers or nas drives as you want. At the moment I’m happy with it and I believe it’s worth th $85 I paid.

In case you missed the link above here it is again.

I would just use rsync in crontab for free and would never consider paying a whopping $85 to do that. All that stuff works on windows now too, although you’d need to use task scheduler to schedule it. But I guess you pay for convenience.

Never heard of crontab and all my searches never mentioned it. Just googled rsync and crontab and everything that came up said it was a part of linux and I don’t use linux. The My home cloud doesn’t have any bells and whistles. You either access through WD My cloud service or through a lan connection. Any folders created by the MY cloud service can only be seen when you have the My Cloud app running and the My Cloud app will not see any folders you created through the lan. Since no one answered my question by late yesterday and I had already tried the trial version ViceVersa Pro and it worked I bought it. Also none of my searches mentioned task manager which does surprise me a little since it’s part of windows, but I was searching for a nas to nas solution though. Might have tried task scheduler if I had known about it.

I just uploaded about 100 meg of photo’s to my Ultra and the pictures where already on the My Cloud Home when I looked about a minute later.

Your solution doesn’t run on the NAS, it’s a windows program. I assume you have both NAS’s mounted and your computer running that program syncs between them. Rsync would do the same thing and is free. But you do pay for convenience, and setting up rsync takes some technical chops.

That said Windows has been around awhile so a quick google search found other free alternatives that are basically GUIs for rsync and look pretty easy to use like Unison and Freefilesync.

Thanks for your help, just wish it would have come yesterday before I bought it. Like I said my search’s never came up with the items you suggested. Either I’m a shitty googler or I worded it wrong which comes back to being a shitty googler. ;)

Any way thanks again for your help, hope we satisfied TimElhajj’s curiosity.

Yep, you live, you learn!

TimElhajj is notoriously hard to satisfy but this thread has delivered the goods.