NAS for Vista?

A question for the hivemind. Apparently, going to Vista broke our access to Simpleshare; we can still read it, and we can sometimes write new folders, but it completely fails when we try to update an existing folder. (Seems to still work from Linux, so I hadn’t really noticed.) The Simpleshare faq indicates that they know they have troubles with Vista, but nothing is promised and there is no timeline for a fix.

Googling around, it looked like Samba is also having difficulties with Vista. My question: Is there an affordable, consumer-oriented NAS that works with Vista (and if so, what)? I would really like one solution that works across Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

$300USD (Canadian price unknown) w/ 500GB drive, 1 bay open (2 bays total)

$165 CAD (cheaper by $60 than list price)
(only 1 bay)

Not sure how much it is in the States.

That HP looks really cool. I wonder why it claims to support fewer video streams than their Windows Home Server hardware (and if that’s accurate, or if it can be corrected with RAID 0).

Interesting. I have a SimpleTech Simplehare NAS on my network and it works with my Vista laptop just fine. Just sayin…

Interesting. What’s your typical usage pattern?

The Simpleshare faq is a bit vague but does indicate problems.

Very interesting product, thanks for the link.

I’m able to transfer files back and forth between Vista and WinXP machines via the NAS w/out any issues. My Zune software on the Vista laptop even works fine with the NAS where I have all of my music.

I have two main folders on the NAS, one is public and the other is password protected. The FAQ says the password protection doesn’t work with Vista but it does with mine, to a degree…it does indeed prompt for a password when I access it from Vista which I need to enter for access but, oddly enough, it doesn’t care about the user name, which I just leave blank.

Want me to dig up my settings?

Sure, if you don’t mind. Did you transition to Vista after it was already in place, or did you start using SimpleShare when you were already in Vista?