NASA's moon base scheme

This appears to be in the news again lately, though it doesn’t seem to be substantially different from what was talked about a few years ago. A more concrete timetable perhaps.

I would like to be jaded and cynical about this, and point out how the political will for this will never carry through for 15 years, or how the scientific and material advantages to a moon base are negligible, or how this will be a white elephant akin to the International Space Station, or how NASA dollars are far better spent on unmanned probes, or how we should be spending all that money on important causes down here on Earth.

I would like to, but I can’t. I guess I watched too much Jetsons and Star Trek growing up, and am still beholden to a mid-20th-century conception of what the future is supposed to be like. The idea that there could actually be a manned moonbase in my lifetime is irreducibly, irrationally exciting to me. Go NASA!

Yeah, I feel much the same way. You can always find a million good reasons to NOT do this sort of thing, and yes, maybe the money could be better spent elsewhere, but damn it, we SHOULD be out there by now, and we SHOULD be looking outward and forward instead of inward and backwards, and maybe, just maybe, a project of this sort can inspire people, instead of jading them.

As you say, probably too many TOS viewings in my youth, but damn what I would give to be going up there!

Ain’t going to happen, it’s painful enough watching the Ares I debacle unfold.

I nominate myself commander of the moonbase.

Space 1999? Phooey! I had one of these when I was kid. That was like one of my favouritest things.

I’m all for a moon base. I totally agree with Stephen Hawking; our survival as a species depends on our colonizing other planets. And it would be a lot easier to send supplies / rescue missions to the moon than it would be to Mars. Plus, we could build an orbital facility around the moon for building and launching some prototype ships for deeper space travel that we could not launch from here on earth.

The thing is - I don’t trust NASA to pull it off. I’d much rather the Chinese government blew a bunch of money so we could learn from their mistakes and do it right. Even better, encourage some American corporations to foot the bill. Seems like a total non-brainer for Haliburton or somebody.

Halliburton is bloated and fat from the largesse of government contracts. They would be worse than NASA. Our only hope is Yum! Brands.

Go directly to Mars. Do not stop at the moon. Do not collect moon dust.

Could someone invent a way to make money off space first? It’s make it’d it less stupid.

Can’t we do anything for pure awesome anymore? I think that we as a society have made enough money to spend some on a social consumer good of great awesomeness, such as a moon base.

A Moon Base is horribly important. It may not to lead any particular scientific discovery on it’s own, but it will lead to more people getting into and being interested by space/science. That’s a HUGE plus in this time of a drought.

Pure science FTW. So much so that if I had to pick between government subsidizing pure or applied science, I’d pick the former.

Applied science: slightly better rifles in a couple of years.

Pure science: Doombots in a decade.

Moonbase Commander is a fun game.

It’d make a great Xbox Live game … could someone get on that, please?

So many unintentional advances come when a challenge like this is issued.

Velcro and Tang, folks. Have you thanked the space program for those lately? I didn’t think so!

Hah. Not that old saw. Velcro was invented without the help of rocket boosters. And Tang? Wow. Maybe a moonbase will get us powdered pineapple juice.

Bah. When the Zentraedi/Invid/Footfall/Wolf-Beiderman/an asteroid the size of Texas come(s), you’ll be glad that some humans will survive in their snug moonbase.

Bah we don’t even have a space station that remotely resembles the one in 2001. Instead we have an orbiting trailer park =\ It just needs an old rusty shuttle out front on blocks to make it complete.