Natalie Portman ****s you all

While the creative well may eventually run dry, Natalie Portman rapping on SNL is still a thing of beauty:

Yeah, okay, that’s pretty awesome.

That is great.

No more questions!!!

I saw that last night and I was wondering (because I’m 35 and, therefore, have zero connection to anything remotely resembling youth culture): was that a parody of a specific song or video?

Don’t think so. Just hilarious.


I watched the video, but I am still not sure what Natalie wants to do to us all. The header from the original post has too many asterisks masking the actual letters, so that is no help.

Wow, she’s even hotter now.

Can we not get together on where these threads go?

I’ll just post in both:

It’s ok, but it’s sure no Chronic-what-cles of Narnia.

Was there any funny at all in there? I watched like the first 3/4 and didn’t laugh. Stupid SNL.

Short cute woman tells you to suck her dick = hilarity. See, short cute women with close cropped hair like that are supposed to be perky and quirky but also slightly withdrawn and mousy. See Winona Ryder.

Am I the only one who finds her incredibly hot in that video?

Oh, and Samberg’s viking outfit rocks.

Since I’m even older, I was even more clueless. Oh well.

Don’t think so. Just hilarious.[/QUOTE]
Clearly SlyFrog is not a true O.G. from the L.B.C.

[SIZE=“1”]/me is 31 years old, BTW.[/SIZE]

No Eazy-E fans here, huh?

I turn in my gangsta card. I never listened to the stuff in the Public Enemy/NWA era. What’s funny is that the opposite is the case of what the 35 year old said; you’d really only have a good chance of knowing that if you are above age 30. Eazy is old skool.

I am 32; I hang my head in shame.

I love her more now…

and it’s been yanked :/
missed it damn.

S’alright man. Real niggaz don’t die.