National Guard & Army spying on war protestors?

A state senator frustrated with what he called “stonewalling” by the California National Guard said Tuesday he would launch contempt hearings against the state’s military unit for failing to turn over documents.

-Sen. Joe Dunn, D-Garden Grove, sought the documents as part of his probe into the Guard’s new controversial intelligence unit. After squaring off with a top Guard official and a lawyer for the unit Tuesday, Dunn also threatened to seek subpoenas against dozens of current and former top Guard officials.

The hearing was the first since the Times Sacramento Bureau reported the existence of the Information Synchronization, Knowledge Management and Intelligence Fusion program last month. Internal Guard e-mails show the unit had high-level interest in a small Mother’s Day anti-war rally at the Capitol.


Before the hearing, the U.S. Army also dealt the committee a blow saying that a computer hard drive and a hand-held Blackberry used by the retiring California Guard colonel who oversaw the fledgling intelligence unit was federal property, and not subject to the subpoena.

The hard drive was erased the same day Dunn requested the Guard preserve all documents related to the unit.

Uh. From one of the links with more quotes:

After the hearing, Dunn told reporters he was concerned the program may be part of something much larger and more sinister. He said he’d been contacted by several current and former Guard officials from other states since launching the investigation, and was attempting to confirm reports that multiple state Guards had established similar units since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

“The question is, was there a federally-inspired program, post 9-11, to get around a law that prevents domestic spying … it appears that could be a possibility here” . . . .

Great. The return of cointelpro.

sounds like JTF-N to me. ostensibly anti-drug, suffering from severe mission creep, uses guard and reserve units