National Guard Enlistment Down 30%

And not asking to read that? Come on. Again, this contract is going to be the most important thing most of these people have ever signed.

“I see no reason the government should actually show you all parts of the agreement you’re signing.”

Uh, are they refusing to show people the entire agreement?

If you do end up tracking those regulations down, it basically says you can be put on active duty for up to two years if the President officially declares a national emergency, or six months in the case of Congress calling for war or declaring a national emergency.

Many of the arguments in the few court cases over stop loss going on now concern whether or not Iraq constitutes a national emergency.

Regardless, the US Government shouldn’t be acting like a used car salesman, and instead should be upfront with enlistees about what they’re really signing. Some enlistment centers are, but others aren’t.

What Derek said.

Dude, it’s buried among a dozen other things, barely referred to in fact.

Don’t you think your government should have enough respect for its troops to tell them the truth? What are you, advocating scamming people?

Ben, is there a reason why the government just doesn’t make the terms explicit? What’s the matter with plain language?

It’s deceptive and the government shouldn’t be in the business of deceiving its citizens, especially those who agree to serve as National Guard.

I think this gets to the heart of it. It’s a hell of a way to treat people who have already agreed to make a big sacrifice for their country.