Naval War: Arctic Circle... But is it Harpoon?

Way back when, harpoon4 got cancelled. Now a plucky team of Norsemen decided that shit just wont stand and coded up their own successor game to harpoon and fleet command. its only 20 bucks on steam. downloading it now.

Rockpaperscissors described it as a game that teaches you to fear little red arrows. anybody else gotten it?

I got an email from Troy about this earlier. If he’d have said CAUTION: HARPOON 4 INSIDE I would have gotten way more excited. Guess I need to check this out! :D

Someday I want a huge table, a couple of people and a weekend to run a Harpoon game. This will have to do.

Woohoo. Just got a code, will download this once I’m home later. Who’s up for some deep sea cat and mouse sometime? :)

Hopefully this is a Paradox game which has had time to develop properly like Mount & Blade or Magika, and not been rushed out unfinished like Sword of the Stars 2, Gettysburg etc.

Played a bunch of tutorial scenarios. Got a definite indie vibe from it. a triple A title this is not. It did not crash and did not throw out overtly buggy behavior. so no, this is not a failrelease such as SotSII.

This game is gonna kick my ass. I found even the air attack tutorial hard to complete lol. took me like three tries.

This game needs an in-game wiki. badly.

Preordered at Gamersgate a while ago, so I’ll be registering this tonight and likely giving it a spin.

There’s also some video trickling out, and James Allen from Out of Eight (JaguarUSF) has a few good ones up.

I am hoping Command will be a good follow on to the older harpoon games.

Interface is not bad, very simple layout, but you get good info on what you got packing on each unit. I remember Harpoon as being a tad more grog in terms of overlays and such detail. However I think this may appeal to more peeps.

I’ve played a few battles, it even starts out as I remember harpoon did with small scale skirmish with some Norwegian units, and later British.

Graphics is so-so.

goddamn this shit looks hardcore! :

Shot is from the game Vyshka linked (thing formerly known as red pill)

Are you kidding? Paradox is literally shitting out games. Most are sub-par budget titles. It’s actually their stated policy. They will flood the market with cheap games in the hope that some, of the many, will stick and become hits. It’s the shotgun scatter policy.

Well a budget title this may seem, shitty it most definitively is not. It could use some gloss and shine, but really is a nice niche game that does its thing admirably.

I read that you can’t save mid-mission, which means no sale for me.

Nope, no mid-mission saves. For the moment, no scenario editor either.

So far as I can tell, it’s like a more approachable Fleet Command with better automate-your-units features. That’s nice; my games of Fleet Command always end in frustration when I fail to manually assign a cruiser to shoot down one of a wave of incoming missiles.

Edit: the Paradox forums for this game are a barrel of laughs. I see more people asking for NTDS symbology (the only advantage of which is that it shows speed, too) than asking for a scenario editor.

A Fleet Command without the stupid is just about everything I’d want from a naval sim. An editor is pretty much essential though.

The NWS folks made Fleet Command much less stupid.

A brief read of the forum over at Paradoxplaza suggests there was some release date pressure, and that an editor (and a point-buy multiplayer mode) are either planned or things they’d very much like to do.

Depending on how popular it is, third-party people might come through. I understand that basically everything (unit data, missions, campaigns) you have in-game is stored in plain text.

Yeah, I heard some good things about their work.

That screenshot looks pretty hardcore. How long are these scenarios that there is no save?

I remember harpoon with misty eyes. Except for the fact that all my ships would run out of AA missiles like 2 days into backfire range and it would get gruesome after that.

That screenshot is not from NWAC. its from a as of yet publisherless project named Command something something. Used to be called Red Pill iirc. afaik started out as an extensive fleet command mod.