Naval War: Arctic Circle... But is it Harpoon?

According to Gamespy, the demo’s out on Steam. If you’re looking for something to scratch the modern naval warfare itch, I’d recommend you give it a try.

Its actually pretty good…

It lacks a tad polish ,but I’m pleased.

For the next week I also believe buying it on steam gets you a free copy of Conquest of the Americas for what it’s worth.

This seems to be a recurring theme at Paradox.

It is heavily laden with bugs at the moment. For example, after launching 4 aircraft from my carrier group I could no longer launch any aircraft anywhere (they would just go into the launch queue in perpetuity). I had an ASW helicopter with 4 torpedos drop one of them on a sub and then suddenly it had 0 torpedos.

The 3D views are a bit gimmicky and useless; they don’t show the terminal engagement (even Harpoon was able to do this with a little 2D display), and feedback on what actually happened to your weapons/units is quite poor (e.g. I had a torpedo chasing an enemy sub, the torpedo closed to a few hundred meters and then just vanished without explanation). Fleet Command did this much better.

However I will say that it’s early days. The developers seem very committed to their product and I expect the patches will roll in. Also it is extremely and deliberately mod friendly, so I expect great things from that too.

For the price it’s hard to really complain too much, and there has been nothing quite like this put out in many many years.

there was a patch out today. i have been pretty impressed by it. i’ve played the 3 tutorials and not run into any issues. the interface is particularly good.

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Bit of a sub standard pun that one.

This thing is only for naval-gazing grognards.

Looks like they shipped too early.


Must you always harp oon about this?

Still doesn’t mean you can’t have a whale of a time playing.

I’m sorry I torpedo’d the thread. :(

Man, this thread is going down in a hurry.

Wouldn’t it be “shipped out”?

I still see plenty of depth in this thread. Quit complaining.

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It’s very Harpoonish. I still have all of my Harpoon disks and the rest. I’d love to install it but am guessing that it would not play well with Win7/64. If anyone has other information I’d appreciate it.

Sorry for the derail. Back to the pun-ishment.

It’s too late now. That ship has sailed.