NBA 2018 - 2019


Wtf…I mean this gonna be like if Alabama joined the Big Sky conference…


The NBA playoffs: even more pointless!

This reinforces LeBron’s decision to join the Lakers. If you can’t beat a wacky super team, might as well join an organization with some history behind it and then chill for a while.


Effectively traded swaggy p for boogie cousins (swapping mid level exceptions). Not bad.

Also pretty much what happened in Miami when LeBron was there with players taking mid level exceptions for a shot at a ring.


I mean, he’s just a 5-1/2 million dollar lottery ticket for the Dubs. If he comes back and can play at least at 85% of his normal ability, they win. In the more likely event, he doesn’t and they lose…but not that much.


He can’t be any worse than Javale McGee who they rolled out there for an entire season to win a ring.


This is so ridiculous now. So ridiculous.

Boogie is one of the Top 15, arguably Top 10 players in the league. And he just joined a team so stacked they’ve won three of the last four championships (and the team that didn’t win the championship still won 73 games).

Assuming he comes back healthy, this is a massive upgrade over Uncle Swaggy. You’re looking at five of last season’s all-stars on one team.



If there were ever a time for MLB to make a national marketing push…


No way. You’re just trading Warriors/Lakers for Yankees/Red Sox with that. No, the NFL has the most parity atm. The NHL does ok too, but no one cares about hockey.


Parity sucks.


If the players association would allow it, I bet veterans would pay to join the Warriors for a season.

The NBA first season is still fun. It’s only the second season that has become a tedious routine at this point – at least for everyone other than Warriors fans.


I guess the one counter point is coming back the same from that injury close to before is rare in the NBA, and even more so for a big man. Also he’s just there for one year. He still wants the big payday that the warriors can’t give him.


The NFL is seeing decline for various reasons. Yankees and Red Sox both happen to be good again this year, but if you’re arguing parity: 8 different champions in the past 10 years, with the only repeat champions being the long-time, perennial powerhouse… checks notes San Francisco Giants. There are a lot of young marketable stars in the league and a bunch of unhappy fans from the other two sports right now.


I’m not sold that boogie cousins will fit in well with how the Warriors play. Can he be a complementary player?


I don’t think Cousins can be a foundation of a winning team, but he doesn’t need to be in Golden State. Is he a better player than McGee or Nick Young? Ridiculously so.

The fact that a 73-win team went out and added Kevin Durant was already fucking stupid. This is just… on another level. We need a “basketball reasons” move from the commissioner or something. We have literally an entire starting lineup consisting of Western Conference All Stars.


Cousins can sit out, rehab, ease his way into the lineup late in the season, it doesn’t matter. No pressure at all to return. The Warriors simply don’t need him.

But! In the playoffs, if anyone tries to go big. Oh yeah, here’s Boogie. Fuuuuck.


Precisely. He can sit out the rest of 2018 for all Golden State cares. But the Rockets would have probably knocked them off if CP3 hadn’t been injured in the playoffs, so this is where they bring in Boogie.


I’m not really sure what the league can do unless they fancy trying to overturn decades of precedent on free agency, which I doubt.

Anyway, the Boogie thing was pretty close to unavoidable. The Warriors are practically the only team who won’t care if Boogie takes half the season to rehab, and every other team was just playing to their perfectly understandable incentives which was “lowball Boogie”. Cousins to the Warriors was almost the only thing that could happen.


They have used “reasons” to block big trades, I am sure they could come up with something to block free agents.

But either way, this is the last hurrah for the Warriors as they have a lot of contracts coming up soon, and a few players deserving of a super-max that aren’t getting one.

Also, I don’t know if boogie fits with the team, but we will see I guess.


This isn’t a trade.