NBA 2018 - 2019


Very cool.

Imagine if we had more schools like that. Good on LeBron for giving back to the community.



A bit biased as a Spurs fan, but loved him and his game since forever. So gonna miss watching his insane/brilliant game.


Yes “maximum respect” as Ali-G would have put it.


This WNBA Phoenix/Seattle deciding game 5 is freaking awesome. 6 lead changes and counting w/ 4 minutes left in the quarter.



So, the season has begun.

Toronto and Milwaukee are the 2 undefeated teams left. 6-0,

Things look to be very interesting in the East this year too, as Boston, Philly, Indiana have gotten off to a slow start.

The Raptors look like the team to beat, as Kawhi Leonard is playing up to the hype, and the Bucks look like they might have made the transition that the Mark Jackson Warriors did when they got Steve Kerr as a coach. (small sample size, etc)

The team just plays different, one of the best defenses in the league (through 6 games) and tons more rebounding, shooting 3’s, etc. As a Bucks fan it really feels like Bud has been able to really unleash the power of this roster, surrounding Giannis with shooters, spacing the floor, etc.

Not too much to say about the west, as it looks like we will be getting a re-run of last year, but with the Rockets and Thunder off to horrible starts, maybe there will be some new teams sitting in the 2-8 spots.

Everyone buzzed about Giannis as an MVP candidate (he is putting up the numbers) and Curry drops 51 reminding people he is still around.

And oh, after tonight there will only be 1 undefeated team, as the Raptors play the Bucks in Milwaukee tonight.


Cleveland front office told Ty Lue to bench the veterans (Korver and Smith) and give the young blood more playing time. Lue decided he didn’t want to do that, and between that and an 0-6 start was shown the door. FWIW I side with Lue here, Korver is a guy that can lead by example on the floor and will make an excellent deadline trade piece… if he gets playing time.

The person I really feel bad for in this whole situation is Kevin Love. Guy was always given the blame for whatever issues this team had the past few seasons and was the first name brought up as the player to move and get more pieces to complement LeBron and Kyrie. Despite that he’s always been a professional, re-signed because he wanted to be here (and was assured this team would try to compete), and has been a leading voice to speak about mental health issues in athletes.

Luckily(?) he’s sidelined with a toe issue that I suspect will take an abnormally long time to heal before resuming his duties as tank commander.


No Giannis (concussion protocol) nor Kawhi (rest) tonight. Kinda takes the shine off the game, but I like the Raps either way.


And Giannis is out tonight, concussion symptoms.

As for the Cavs, I guess I feel bad that they didn’t end up getting more time at the top than they did, and they were sadly robbed of at least one competitive championship 7 game series (maybe not win, but 7 games) due to injury.

But, I don’t feel bad for Love, he has one more ring than he would if he would have stayed with the T-wolves.

I think Toronto would have been favored even with Giannis in, but not an unbeatable game at home for the Bucks.

I am just excited that it looks like the East playoff picture is going to look different this year with the Cavs out at the top.


And the Bucks remain undefeated


The Knicks tank/rebuild year is going awesome thus far. Knox is out for a bit w/ an ankle, sadly just as he had a minor breakout game to gain confidence, but he’ll get plenty of time. Meanwhile, one of our other rookies, 2nd round steal Mitchell Robinson, is starting to show signs of life.

Meanwhile, Klay Thompson broke Curry’s single game NBA record for Three’s w/ 10 in the 1st half, 14 for the game, and the Dubs scored 92 points by HALFTIME.


Yep, after starting the season off with an abysmal sub-13% 3PM rating while Curry and KD make separate but equally compelling cases for being their team’s leading MVP candidate for the season (including a nice new league record for most consecutive 5+ 3PM games for Steph this weekend), Klay remembered that he’s probably the second best shooter in the league right now and broke Curry’s relatively fresh single game 3PM record from last season.

All while two of the most prolific scorers the game’s ever seen decide to take a backseat and pass the ball repeatedly to their team’s…third option.

The Warriors are just insane.


My friend the diehard Lakers fan last week (paraphrasing a little bit):

“They’re 0-3. They could have done that without Lebron, for free.”


Ah yes, the terrible situation in which LeBron James is on your basketball team.


Should also mention that he hates Lebron. It was fun watching him work through that bit of cognitive dissonance when the move was announced. :)


Any of y’all have experience with NBA League Pass + Youtube TV? I am considering dropping the cash with some birthday earnings this month after getting frustrated with football and the World Series killing nationally televised coverage for basketball this week :)


I don’t know about your favorite team, but if they are local they are blacked out on league pass, but if Youtube TV carries your local team affiliate you should be covered.


Yeah, apart from sometimes wanting to watch a Kemba Walker highlights reel live versus after-the-fact, there’s very little reason for me to worry too much about the Hornets.

That said, I live in a separate NC region from Charlotte proper, so A) our local affiliates don’t generally carry their games, but maybe B) that means that they won’t be blacked out, either?


Oh you sweet summer child. Sports blackout rules are among the most byzantine bullshit that the common person has to deal with thanks to our greedy cable overlords. It looks like since you’re in NC you’re considered in Hornets territory, regardless of if your local station actually carries them!

Since you don’t care about the Hornets it’s not a big deal, but you will also be blacked out on any nationally televised games (and if you’re following the Warriors there will probably be a lot of those). YoutubeTV should have you covered there; those are usually on ABC, ESPN, or TNT.


Plug in your zip code here.

Blackouts also include national broadcasts, but youtube tv has those channels