NBA 2018 - 2019


I thought if they offer him the league maximum (and they have the cap space) he has to take that. Or something like that.



But they can offer him 5 years 190 million, everyone else can only offer 4 years 140 million.

So if he wants the most money and security, he will stay, but that hasn’t stopped people from walking in the past. People have taken a pay cut for rings before.


Got it, thanks for clarifying.

I doubt he’ll fit with the feel-good Embiid. Quite the gamble. But after the Fultz debacle, they need to try something.


James Harden with the most James Harden statline possible.

40 pts on 1/2 2PT shooting, 8/18 3PT shooting, and 14/15 FT shooting. Oh, plus 9 turnovers :-D

Rumor mill has Melo out of Houston this week, China next for him, or just hanging it up entirely?


Remember when Melo and LeBron came up to the league at the same time, and there were people comparing the two, who would be better etc?


Drawing that many fouls while shooting only 2 shots within the arc is something.


Don’t forget that if you’re fouled while shooting and the shot doesn’t go in, you get 2 (3) shots and the shot doesn’t count - so he could have had a ton of 2-point shots but if so, he was fouled on every one of them.


Oh, I understand. Even with that, it is a heck of a ratio.


Missed the game due to doing various family things (in fact I didn’t even know it was on), but the Spurs crushed the Raptors in Kawhi’s return to San Antonio. Kawhi got thoroughly booed throughout, while Danny Green cheered upon his return. While I generally don’t like the whole booing thing for dudes who happened to get traded, Kawhi is a different thing since he faked/exaggerated an injury, hid from the team, used his uncle to vocally push for a trade/release (thus lowering his trade value), and otherwise bailed on the team in about as horrible way as I can remember anyone bailing short of some obvious bad blood (like Jimmy Butler and Minnesota this year).

And DeRozen had a triple-double to boot going against the ‘small market’ team he had previously been with his whole career.

I not even convinced the Spurs can make the playoffs in a loaded Western Conf, but it was nice to see them demolish the Raptors.


The big story this season is the open revolt against refereeing. It’s always been contentious in the NBA but players and fans seem to be really bothered by the poor performance this year. An example of a missed call last night:


Not to go into conspiracy theory land or anything, but I’ve been racking my brain since watching that and I can’t come up with a conceivable way that was a missed call. And it’s not like this was an isolated incident, it’s just that this was in a very high profile situation.

Even if the ref somehow missed that Durant was three feet out of bounds and thought his foot was in when he touched the ball, that’s still Rockets possession.


It is odd they couldn’t fix the obviously blown call. Watching it in real time on TV, it seemed like he saved the ball. Obviously, the replays showed that he was laughably out of bounds. The only excuse I can see is that it happened really fast and he covered a lot of ground.


Pretty sure out-of-bounds plays are non-reviewable.


They’re reviewable in the last two minutes for sure since they often go to the video to determine who touched the ball last.

In the rest of the game? I don’t think they ever look at it. Just video review for issuing technicals and flagrants, buzzer beaters, and whether a shot was a three or not.

That video above is egregious.


Yeah, who touched the ball last is explicitly reviewable. Stepped over the line calls are explicitly not. Uncalled plays are also explicitly non-reviewable.

Referees can only initiate a review on a called out-of-bounds play (for example, not one where an out-of-bounds might have occurred) and only those involving doubt as to which player caused the ball to go out (not those, for example, where a player stepped on the line).


The Milwaukee Bucks are astonishingly good this year. A very complete team now, Brook Lopez added a lot of value, as it is pretty clear this team was a new coach and a few bench players away from being a serious finals threat.

Really glad that this has worked out the way it did, everyone has stepped up this year. 17-3 at home in the new stadium has been really fun.

I am now fully on the KD to Milwaukee tinfoil hat brigade. KD would fit really well on the Bucks in Lopez’s or Khris Middleton’s role, get a lot of good looks, take a lot of open shots, pull defenders away from Giannis. Again this is all tinfoil hat dreaming, but not completely insane, in terms of basic team dynamic fits. I know that KD and Giannis have a lot of mutual respect as well, (I think Giannis said he one of his favorite NBA players) could be a lot of fun playing insane D with the Greek Freak for a couple years, getting a couple more rings.


Thibs is out. Hoiberg, maybe in?


Gotta keep the Timberbulls meme going, so Hoiberg makes sense.


He is also a leading candidate for the UCLA job.


It sounds like the fragile peace in the 76ers locker room is being tested even more by the addition of Jimmy Butler.

I love the guy on the court, tenacious D, great shooting, and a high basketball IQ. But man he does not know how to be a part of a team just yet.