NBA 2019 - 2020

The 2018-2019 NBA Season is over, and The Toronto Raptors are the reigning champs!

The NBA Draft is four days away, and Zion is the most heralded rookie since Lebron James.

NBA free agency is officially open for business in two weeks, at 6PM on 6/30.

The NBA Summer League that will be profiling many of those drafted rookies is under three weeks away.

The first big move of the 2019-20 season took place as Anthony Davis was traded to the Lakers for Ingram, Hart, Ball, and three 1st round picks, including the 4th this year.

The Lakers have moved from the lottery to odds on favorites to win the next title, with Kawhi expected to leave Toronto, Durant out for the season with a ruptured achilles, and Klay Thompson expected to be out out for much of the year recovering from a torn ACL.

To reference all the discussion from last year, here’s last year’s thread.

It’s time to move on to a new season’s thread!

Will Kahwi leave I wonder? I hope not but if he does I won’t hold it against him. He did what we needed him to do.

The rumor mill is suddenly locked on Kyrie joining the Lakers. He’s a weirdo so we’ll see.

The fact that he signed w Roc-Nation, owned by the brother of a Nets owner, still makes me think Brooklyn. But you’re right. Who knows w/ Kyrie.

Technically this thread is not valid until the 1st of July.

This thread is in pre-agency.

I’d laugh my head off if that happened.

Mike Conley joins Donovan Mitchell in the Utah backcourt. The Grizzlies are pretty much confirming their intent to select Ja Morant, and they’ll add another 1st rounder to join their young squad. Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr, Grayson Allen and the 23rd pick should give Memphis a fun young club to wash out the last remnants of grit 'n grind.

Utah doing their best to seize the moment, if GSW has a one year contender hiatus given Klay’s injury.

I’m glad Conley will be on an exciting team. Would’ve liked the see him head East to finally get a chance for an all-star appearance.

So who’s all excited about the NBA draft tonight?

Yeah, me neither.

Hey Zion is going to the Pels.

Why hasn’t ESPN told me about this guy?

They will if you subscribe to ESPN Special Insider for only $4.99 per month!

I think the only interesting thing about free agency would be if Kawhi joins the Lakers. I’m curious if you can make a title contender from scratch when your big 3 completely caps you out and you have to fill in the rest of your roster with scrubs. Usually you have some cost-controlled players on your roster that you can re-sign afterwards without going over the cap. Or in the case of the Heat, the stars would take discounts.

The Kawhi-Lakers scenario would be extremely unusual – perhaps unique, I’m not sure.

Free agency ‘officially’ starts at 6PM Eastern.

Kevin Durant is announcing, tonight, his free agency decision on the Instagram account of his ESPN The Boardroom show.

Big cities win again! That’s okay, good for the Nets. They’ve been down for a while.

NY Knicks fans look over to Brooklyn and say WTF?

That arena seems awfully nice and the black jerseys look good. I imagine the Garden seems quaint by comparison in spite of all the history there.

Doesn’t hurt that they have some actual NBA players on the roster in Brooklyn too, and the owner isn’t universally hated…

…on the other hand Prokhorov may be a Putin stooge or be poisoned with polonium someday. It’s hard to tell which…

Nets had sorry attendance for a playoff team, Knicks tied franchise worst record and still sold out.

Kyrie is an anti-science nut. Of course, I’m in no way bitter.

Well, I was wrong. Free agency is pretty crazy so far.

The Magic mostly stayed pat, re-signing Vucevic and Ross to 4 year deals. Neither contract is good or bad. They’re just treading water until they see if one of their long-armed draft picks turns into a star. They also signed Al-Farouq Aminu to a 3 year deal, which is kind of strange. So many forwards.

If Jimmy Butler goes to Miami, it might be hard for Orlando to reach the playoffs next year. They’d probably need to hope that Detroit falls out.

Butler was to Philly as Kawhi was to Toronto.

One was worth it.