NBA 2020-2021

It’s most definitely time for this thread. 72 Game sprint.

Trade moratorium ends 16 November

NBA Draft 18 of November.

Free Agency begins 20 November

Training Camps start 1 December (I think)

Amazingly pre-season games 18 December

Season begins 22nd December.

And we have our first trade. OKC has put up the we be tanking sign.

Sam Presti off loading everyone

All the picks my precious

Live look at the nba draft for the forseeable future

Word has it that three of the Lakers’ three big Player Options are being opted out of: AD, KCP, and Rondo. AD reportedly wants to just use it as an opportunity to sign a longer-term, higher-value max with the Lakers and guarantee his money. On the other hand, Rondo’s eyes are apparently roving, with ATL as a potential destination, betting on his performance in the 2019-20 playoffs to net him better than the paltry $2m and change the Lakers would have offered. KCP is also supposed to opt out, and while his intent to leave doesn’t sound as strong as Rondo’s, it definitely sounds like he’s interested in taking offers to see if he can do better.

Signing Schruder impacts on Rondo so he might as well move on. AD signing a 1+1 will get him to 10 years (I think) and make him eligible for the super duper max

Yeah. Unsure which is the chicken and which is the egg on Schroder signing / Rondo leaving, but regular season at least, I think it’s a substantial upgrade. Rondo went nuts in the playoffs a few times though; hard to replace that.

And good point, re AD and the supermax. IIRC, LeBron’s only on contract through 2022, as well, which makes the 1+1 even more appealing so AD can peace out if it looks like things will fall apart at that point.

Trades keep coming and coming!

No idea what’s going on in Houston; traded Covington, and apparently requests from both Harden and Westrbook. Might be looking at a total tear down.

And Milwaukee going all in on trying to keep Giannis by trading for Bogdanovic from Sacramento and closing in on Jrue.

The Jrue Holiday trade looks like desperation. Three picks and two pick swaps for an upgrade at PG, and he’s still 30 years old so who knows for how long.

Those trades leave 'em with a seven-man roster, no draft picks, and basically capped out. Vet mins ahoy! UFA market isn’t awful this year, at least.

Win-now for sure. Hope it pays off for 'em.

Goddamn 2020.

Sam Presti wants all the picks


Emerging? He has seemed like the favorite to me for over 6 months. Anything else would be a surprise.

What the warriors do at 2 has always been the fascinating question.

Well Woj is literally on the telecast. So he cant come right out and ruin it. But you are right.

What the warriors do now.

I assumed Warriors were gonna trade down, but I guess we took the big dude.

Just be OK Klay.

The Warriors could still make a deal, but if they keep Wiseman I think they’ve done well.

I figure it’s about 40-60 they make a deal,with the Celtics being the most likely partner.Dubs would maybe trade Wiseman for the 14 th and a vet.

But,given that Davis, Gobert and the Nuggets center will be in the west for awhile…

He was great in Top Gun


Fucking hell