NBA 2022-2023

The day free agency opens seems as good a day as any for the next NBA thread!

Oh, yeah…

Why is Durant unhappy?

Who knows, but I’ve got to think he regrets his decision to team up w/ Kyrie, despite their off the court friendship.

Seems to me he should have stayed in Golden State. Or go to the Raptors of course.

LOL. Nobody ever regrets not going to the Knicks.

Depending whose leaks you trust, the issue might be the Nets’ “treatment of Kyrie.” KD has publicly had Kyrie’s back throughout all the bullshit with unannounced trips to parties, vaccine refusal nonsense, etc., and the team’s kowtowing to that duo’s fuckery is largely what drove Harden out to the 6ers. Kyrie and KD regard themselves as co-coaches and co-GMs, per interviews, which I suspect felt like a surprise to Nash and Marks :)

With how icy things got between Kyrie and the Nets during his recent extension negotiations, I can see both of them trying to push their way out eventually.

Or, you know, KD has secretly been added to the grand list of people who think Kyrie is a fucking idiot and just wants to be anywhere but there, hah.

Yeah, I think that KD was waiting to see where Kyrie was going, and then he was most decidedly not going to be there, too.

Fully expecting Phoenix to do sign and trade with Ayton for Durant, and probably throw in some draft picks.

Imagine the spacing of a Nets team with Ben Simmons, Deandre Ayton, and no Mills (opted out), Durant (asking out), and Kyrie (probably out). Jesus.

That, plus 1 or a couple of them might do it.

Ayton & Simmons on the pick & roll would be devastating tho.

The Orlando Magic are running it back. And by it, I mean a 22-win team!

I actually don’t mind. The team was fun to watch, and it means more tanking and lots of expiring contracts for a trade next summer.

According to an ESPN guy Ayton can’t go to the Nets as long as Irving is there. Something about how the cap works and the type of contract they have signed.

Hmm. Not seeing Ayton on that list, probably because he hasn’t done a 5-year contract renewal yet, but it would apparently necessitate the sign and trade being a 4 year deal and couldn’t be a 5 year deal if they (the Nets) keep Simmons.

Warriors lose GP2 and OPJ in free agency. OPJ I expected, but I was really hopeful ownership would suffer the massive tax bill to keep GP2 purely because I just love that dude.

A lot of fans are expressing the desire that Kuminga and Moody step up this coming year to fulfill the various functions OPJ and GP2 managed, not necessarily in exactly the same groupings, but overall. I am very hopeful that is the case, but this year could get dice-y fast in a wildly reshaped West.

And then the eternal very tall question mark that is James Wiseman. . .

At least the Dubs re-signed Looney to a halfway respectable.

Halfway, because fuckin Marvin Bagley is getting paid better, jesus.

I’m surprised we’re still doing these 4+ FRP deals when the current era is all about players making trade requests early into a contract. I guess they figure they can flip Gobert again if necessary.

I loved him too, but I can understand not wanting to pay a 30-year-old rookie $70m a year.