NBA 2022-2023

Yeah, apparently Portland had been giving Payton toradol shots before games lately and trotting him out there with a pretty serious injury. Not a good look.

Yeah, I imagine three teams being pissed off if this scuttles the deal might actually get some repercussions going to Portland. Loss of draft picks, at least.

That’s pretty shitty behavior, if true.

Does anyone else out there use League Pass and have a problem with the UI not going away in full screen when watching a VOD in a web browser? I’m using Windows 10 and have tried Chrome, Firefox, and Edge without luck. Live games don’t seem to have the issue, but I pretty much only watch after the fact. It’s got to be something to do with my computer, right?

right click on the player and select full screen rather than using the UI full screen button and the UI elements disappear correctly.

Yeesh, past an improvement in picture quality, what a piece of junk that app is.

I get this option when paused:

And this while the video is playing:

However, selecting “Show all controls” did make this alternate full screen icon appear

and that does seem to work. Thanks!

Yeesh indeed. The browser player sucks, the mobile app isn’t great, and the Xbox app frequently forces me to re-enter all my login info.

Sigh… It’s only there when you use Firefox, becuase, of course it does… I didn’t think to check that with a chromium based browser.

Anyways, happy to hear you got it working in the end!

Grand Theft Alvarado winning Rising Stars game MVP was an absolute delight. Dude was mic’ed up all night and even had the studio crew in his ear in the first match. Hearing his thought process live midgame was genuinely fascinating. And of course he called his own shot for the game winner at the end, betting Donovan Mitchell on the sidelines he’d make it (DMitch owes him dinner now).

Obvs it’s a very minor award at a very produced demi game for the All Star Weekend kickoff, but ever since seeing that guy go off offensively and defensively against the Suns in the playoffs last year, especially seeing as how he’s an undrafted, undersized guy with Puerto Rican heritage, I’ve been very excited for his continued success.

Even if he’s got nasty habit of going off against the Nuggets…

This Sixers/Celtics game is pretty great. Lots of back-and-forth, intense play.

I hate Al Horford. He was a shell of himself when he was a Sixer. Dude should be ashamed of his time here.

Grizz are punting the season. I would assume this means no Ja.

And now, KD’s season in danger.

Dude seriously can’t catch a break. I know he’s got his history that people don’t agree with, but Kevin Durant is a great player to watch play basketball. I hope he can get properly healthy again before father time catches up with him.

Dang, that is terrible news for both Durant and the Suns. Injuries suck.

Word is Jordan is looking to sell his majority stake in the Hornets.

What a disaster that franchise has been.

Sure, but not for his pocket book.

He’ll walk away with at least a billion dollars.