NBA 2023-2024

They did, but 27 might be a bit too much of an ask.

What a beatdown. Kyrie and Luka are an insane tandem now that Kyrie has tempered his BS.

Lackluster conf finals all around.

My son, who relishes rooting against his dad’s team (Knicks) just opined how boring the playoffs have been since NYK got eliminated, Brought a tear to my eye.

Okay, Luka, fine. You can be my favorite non-Grizzly:

Note that Doncic was probably taunting a fan behind Snoop who was making crying-baby noises toward Luka earlier, despite what the announcers suggest.

Ray Didinger, long time Eagles reporter and analyst in Philadelphia pointed out this morning on sports radio that if the Mavs and Stars go on to win their respective Championships then all the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metro area teams, including last year’s Texas Rangers, will have won more recently than the Cowboys.

How sweet would that be?! Jerry would have had to watch THREE parades in about a year’s time. Lol!

Yeah, when the Mavs got up 36 in the 3rd, it was Kyrie and Luka giggling between themselves out on the court and engaging in, as my buddy put it “some Globetrotters bullshit” that finally woke the T-Wolves up a little bit and let them whittle down the lead to 20.

The hospital, as is usual with the playoffs ;)

Per Woj, Hurley has turned down the Lakers and will stay at UConn. Apparently said no to a 6 year, $70m deal. Wow!

The Logo has passed away.

RIP, Jerry West

Also a key architect of the Showtime and Shaq/Kobe Laker dynasties, as well as the Warriors dynasty - arguable even better as an NBA exec than as a player.

Sad day. Lots of respect for The Logo.

Barkley retiring after next season when TNT loses the NBA

Hell of a career that guy has had. From All Star NBA career to All Star TV sports career. Inside the NBA has won something like 19 Emmys and while it’s definitely Ernie’s show, I think Chuck is a big part of why it’s so enjoyable for many people. Having to go from Inside the NBA halftime shows to ESPN or other networks is pretty painful.

He’s a terrible analyst but he sure as hell is an entertaining one.

yeah, ESPN NBA coverage is unwatchable for me. Wilbon and Meyers are good, but the mere presence of Stephen A has me fast forwarding through everything. TNT outclasses ESPN in every single way.

I hear you. I know Stephen A is playing a character, but that character is like nails on chalkboard.

As a Knicks fan I cringe every time Stephen A talks Knicks. He barely knows the roster and has atrocious takes.