NBA Game of the Year? (Phoenix @ Dallas)

I haven’t watched an NBA game all year, but I decided to watch this one, because it’s basically Clash of the Titans between the two best teams in the NBA. Dallas leads the league in wins, just finished a 17-game winning streak, and hasn’t lost at home since 2006. Phoenix also has a 17-game streak to its credit, and the second best record in the NBA.

Phoenix erased a 10-point deficit in the final minutes, culminating with a wild 3-point heave by Steve Nash with 2 seconds left. In OT, Phoenix jumped out to a 5-point lead with a minute left, but Dallas tied it with a 3 with :05 left.

They’re in the 2nd OT now. I could watch this all day. :)

If nothing else, it makes a case against parity, because it’s hella fun to watch two powerhouse teams go at it in the regular season. I’m thinking of Cowboys/Niners of the '90s, the recent Yankees/Red Sox series, rivalries which set the stage for memorable playoff clashes. Great stuff.

Bah! For some reason I thought this game was on Sunday. I wanted to pick up tickets. Didn’t even get to watch it tonight due to a Lab midterm tomorrow morning.

Game of the year for sure. Perhaps of the past 5 years.

Nash for MVP. Hollinger on ESPN can shove his Personal Efficiency Rating stats up his ass, along with his comments about Nash’s MVP worthiness, because Nash clearly makes the Suns the best team in the league. Without him they’re a good team, with him they’re the best. He keeps Marion and Stoudemire happy, two guys with significant egos and paychecks based on performance.

Dirk is incredible, but Nash was just absolutely clutch in putting the game in OT in the first place.