NBA playoffs and SUV commercials

So, I’m watching the playoffs, cringing every time I see one of the those Suburban or Denali or whatevah Big Mutha Truck they’re trying to whore now and I’m thinking to myself: “This might just be an endangered species of vehicle breathing it’s last. Booyah!”
After all, not everyone is an NBA playa with the millions of dollars you need to feed those beasts. Here’s hoping they all go away.

So you think seeing MORE commercials for a product means the product is not selling well? I’m not sure I follow your logic. It’s possible, and I am with you in hoping it. But frankly, I see as many SUVs on the road as ever.

Oh, and I might be biasing my perceptions, but I swear the people who drive like they own the road (no blinkers when switching lanes, even when cutting you off, no apparent awareness of your presence, pulling out in front of people, crossing multiple lanes, etc.) consist of about 80% SUV drivers.

I’m thinking MORE commercials is a sign of desperation on the part of the auto makers. Their cash cow isn’t so popular anymore and stands to be even less so as gas prices increase.

Unfortunately, it’s a status symbol, so much of the target demographics (people who want to prove they can afford to drive such a thing) would still be interested. Of course, gas prices limit how many people can pull it off. I’m hoping you are right, but I’m not sure.

It’s not just status, the giant cars have a lot of perceived safety value to the moms at our kids’ school. That’s a huge selling point, which I was able to use to sell my wife on a minivan instead of a Land Rover back in 2000. The mileage didn’t interest her at all, but the slightly better safety ratings did. I was of course more interested in the $10k difference.

My younger son was recently telling me about playing a game of “football” in the back of one of his friends’ car. The topper was “But we lost the ball”.

That “safety value” is at the expense of everyone else on the road. They are actually feeling superior knowing that whoever they hit will DIE while they just might survive unless they do the SUV end-over-end crash. It’s the worst sort of selfishness.

And I’m not sure SUVs are safer, overall. They roll over more and probably get in more accidents because of their size and number of blind spots. I have no data to back up that suspicion though.

I would tend to agree with you, though also with no data. There is just something in people’s head that looks at a big vehicle and assumes big=safe. I would suspect a lot of people buying SUVs for safety reasons aren’t checking on government crash test results, they are just assuming big=safe.

I’m driving a '74 Beetle, and when I am next to them, I can’t see their windows–its just big wheels and metal jerking around next to me. And I live in yuppie land (Plano/N Dallas), so they are everywhere.

They’re everywhere in Vegas, too.