NBA: so much for the 4-peat

The Kings are good. They have a better bench than the Lakers do. The Lakers are carried by two key players almost all the time, it just so happens that those two players are enough to pull them through much of the time.

Kings were kicking some ass last night, without one of their best players.

The Kings are very good, but I’m not convinced they have to toughness to make the leap. God, they looked awful in Game 7 last year against the Lakers, like no one wanted to take the tough shots.

The Lakers are so dependent on KobeShaq; then again, the Bulls were the same with Jordan and, to a slightly lesser extent, Pippen. Their supporting cast had a few better specific parts (Rodman the rebounder, Paxson and Kerr the sharpshooters), but overall, the rest of the team was just as ineffective without the superstars as the Lakers are.

I’m surprised at how bad the Spurs fell apart last night. Having said that, I still think the Spurs will probably beat the Lakers and beat the survivor of Kings/Mavs.

Lets remember that Kobe Shaq are no Jordan Pippen… Jordan Pippen in the heyday were… GODZ… mainly Jordan though… like the guy could have SARS and still play awesomely.


Be super-ultra-mega-DELUXE wary of the Lakers. After that display by the Spurs, I for one am convinced that they’re going to choke the series away. It’s sure happened before.

And while David Robinson is easily one of my favorite guys in the league, he honestly looks like he needs to hang it up. Did he even score a point in game 4 before fouling out? Did he get any rebounds either?

That was not a fun game to watch, and I’m not even a huge Spurs fan. They’ve got problems…

Yeah, Shaq and Kobe are better.

Yeah, I’ll give you that. Personally I think webber is a bit over rated and that we need someone else. Peja is really good, and is getting better. We’re just not consistent in games hwere it counts, doesn’t seem like there’s one guy you can always count on.

Yeah, can’t really argue with that. Jordan was awesome, but Pippen never rated up there with Shaw or Kobe as far as I’m concerned.

Oh yeah, I’m a Laker guy all the way, but I still think the Spurs depth should be the Lakers. But you’re right, that was ugly.

That was not a fun game to watch, and I’m not even a huge Spurs fan. They’ve got problems…

Two botched inbounds plays? Yeesh.

I wouldn’t put down the Bulls supporting cast so quickly. Rodman was the best rebounder of his generation. Horace Grant before him was solid. Ron Harper (who also played with Lakers recently) and BJ Armstrong also helped make things work.


Yeah, Shaq and Kobe are better.[/quote]

It’s hard to compare the two pairs as one is a guard/center combo and the other guard/forward. They were all players capable of carrying a team.