NBA Street vol. 2

I played this for a bit earlier today, and it’s still a great experience. So much so that I’ll try the NBA Street Homecourt demo and be disappointed.

Have any of the other “Street”-like games worked? I know they’ve done FIFA and NFL before.

The NFL ones have all sucked, it seems.

The NFL games were fairly fun (though not as good as the NBA games). I didn’t enjoy the FIFA one though.

Homecourt was actually a very fun game. I think it was not as well reviewed because it’s similar to last-gen games and didn’t introduce any snazzy new next-gen features.

I have Homecourt and the only thing that I hate about it is the way they did the player customization. Instead of just letting you make your guy look how you want like in pretty much every other EA game, they have this weird system where you combine faces from 3 other NBA players.

The first NBA Street is on my all-time top ten list.

Vol. 2 was pretty decent as well.