NBC's "The More You Know Ads"

These were hilarious. My favorite definitely had to be Dwight’s PSA about bears.

“After the bear is done mauling your face, call the Forest Service immediately”

ticking time bags

I have no idea what you’re referring to, but the best ever spoof of “The More You Know” was the one Max Weinberg did on Conan a few years ago:

“Hey, sometimes condoms break. Deal with it, missy!”

cue twinkly “The More You Know” logo

Best ever Max Weinberg clip: Max on Max.

Was this the series that had:

Only you can help prevent domestic violence. Learn to cook better.

The Office has to all be downhill from the Dwight does Mussolini episode. Because nothing can top that.

You obviously didn’t watch last night’s episode then. Not that any particular scene necessarily tops the Mussolini scene, the scenes with Ryan the intern being freaked out by Dwight and uptight-blond-churchlady were really hilarious in an understated sort of way.

Yeah, his stunned reaction got the biggest laugh out of me last night, but the whole episode was funny.

Was just about to post that. I was on the floor.

“No cookie!”


That whole episode was just tremendous. The way they are developing all these little side stories and feuds was just great. Not to dredge this up again, but I think this is the show’s greatest strength over the British version. Admittedly, I’ve only seen 5-6 episodes of that version, but its background characters were just that: background. In the US version, they’ve developed all the minor characters so perfectly that it adds so much to the show.

The Mussolini speech was just awe inspiring in a comedic way but I liked the past episode, although I’d seen the “results are negative” joke before in a Carmen Electra movie.