NCAA 12 - anyone get it yet?

Just wondering who our local Guinea Pig is. Bill Abner was more positive than negative on the “No High Scores” blog so I’m cautiously optimistic. My nephew loves playing NCAA 11 with me as team-mates, but that’s a very expensive game.

If you got it, give us your thoughts!


But I am hearing good things.

Custom Conferences and playbooks.

Sometimes EA uses NCAA to workout kinks for Madden Features, but I’m guessing those things will be in Madden 12

All things being equal I’d rather play NCAA, but I didn’t like the demo much and eveyone here plays Madden. I’m not going to drop $120 on football games again this year.

I, on the other hand, am! Though I’m using Amazon’s pre-order $20 bonus.

I haven’t started yet, and won’t until this weekend, but I do have it.

I grabbed it via Amazon. I didn’t like any of the other preorder bonuses.

BlueJackalope, get with the program!

I am staying strong VegasRobb! I’m strong! A stong man!

…nnnnnnnyyyyaaaaa custom playbooks…rrrrrrrrrr…

stong (I’ll check a few reviews maybe)

Yep, I’m REALLY on the fence. Bill’s big negative is that right now player progression is fucked. But maybe they could tweak the numbers and it will be on the first megapatch update… because everything else I’ve heard is fantastic.

Every year I tell myself that I’m at least going to wait until the rosters are edited/named and the first big patch hits. Then every year, I’m suckered in by the pre-release hype. It’s not that I won’t enjoy it, but I tend to play sports games for 2-4 weeks, then kind of lose interest, which in this case likely means I’ll have already put it aside by the time the actual season starts. It would actually be the perfect Gamefly-type rental, except for the whole “Project $10” thing. Curse you and your effective sales tactics, EA! Needless to say, I pre-ordered from Amazon. I did it for the 99-cent release day delivery; I didn’t even know about the $20 bonus, so that was a nice little surprise.

As to the game itself, I’ve only played two games so far. One on default Varsity with 5-minute quarters, and one on default All-American with 7-minute quarters. The main difference seems to be better tackling and catching physics. Gone are the days where passing through a defensive lineman’s aura meant he could tackle you. Gone as well are the days where catching a deep over-the-shoulder pass automatically meant allowing a defender to recover and tackle you right away.

So far only two negatives really stick out:

  1. Pursuit angles are atrocious. Almost every long run results in a veritable train of defenders who simply run straight across the field, then turn and fruitlessly sprint in the ballcarrier’s wake.

  2. I wish they’d add the Madden-style accelerate clock for quickness and realism purposes. The play clock automatically ticks down to 30 seconds, but that’s not enough. If the CPU has the ball, they immediately call a play at 30 seconds, then snap the ball somewhere between 20 and 25. If you have the ball, then you either have to do the same, or sit there and wait 10 or 15 seconds. It’d be nice if they’d make it so you can run the play clock down to 20 (or even 15). That way you’d be able to run enough plays to get realistic stats without having to take upwards of an hour on one game.

That kind of sounds like a game killer.

Well Amazon still has the $20.00 credit so I decided to place my order. I should have the game on Saturday and look forward to checking it out.

It’s a tough road trying to bring UNLV back to respectability, but we’re getting there game by game. I’m so tempted to purchase some of the recruiting oriented Time Savers, but I’m holding out. We signed a 3 Star MLB and have a good shot at a 4 Star WR so far.

I played four games this weekend. The Virginia Cavaliers are 4-0, with a bit of an edited roster, as I do the same thing with every NCAA game – make myself and a few of my friends and send us to college as 85-rated sophomores for an eventual stint in the NFL thanks to exporting the draft class. I tend to have this and then an actual NCAA dynasty going once I’ve figured out the game.

Gameplay-wise, I am loving the changes they’ve made. I haven’t seen any terrible pursuit angles, and I’ve been run down in the open field multiple times by safeties. Zone coverage is so much better this year it’s insane; I haven’t been able to victimize linebackers with a half decent tight end like I did in the past. I’ve made bad decisions and paid for it many times.

The removal of suction blocking and suction tackling is phenomenal. Running up the middle isn’t a crapshoot anymore; I’m squeezing between guards and cutting up behind a fullback as he seals off a middle linebacker. I’ve never been so happy about a seven-yard run before in my life.

Quarterbacks are throwing fewer of the lame duck ‘ha ha no sack for you’ passes this year. I got 10 sacks in one game thanks to a QB who froze up behind the line a few times, and then 1 sack in the next game against Notre Dame against a QB who could tell the difference between blue and white jerseys and knew which ones to avoid.

The presentation is beautiful. The only time I’ve ever seen a college game is UVA vs. Florida State back in 2000, and all the signature UVA stuff is there; the bouncing band, the guy on the horse, the terrible fight songs, and the sloping field where everyone picnics while watching football. I’m scheduling away games just to watch the other stadiums’ personalities, like Notre Dame’s homage to the past champions or Georgia’s bulldog.

I am quite pleased thus far.

Yeah, I’m loving it also. Defense has been tightened up. The running game is a lot more manageable, and the passing game is tougher. For a while I was throwing silly interceptions, but I’ve adjusted. A lot of plays that were gimmes in 11 (eg slants) will just get picked off now. I’m finding it tougher to blitz and I find I have to take a lot more care in my game.

Presentation is great. Graphics are moderately improved. Not close to Madden, but noticeable. The addition of the coaching carousel adds another layer to dynasty play.

Haven’t tried online yet. Hint, hint.

Learned a hard lesson during recruiting. Always keep a scholarship or two in your backpocket just in case a hotshot recruit expresses interest in your program.

I had to switch UNLV to the USC offense playbook. UNLV’s playbook is very poor.

8 minute quarters seem to be the sweet spot.

I tried 8 minute quarters and beat FCS East 91-7. I’ve been trying five-minute quarters since then with much better results, though I may bump it up to six minutes.

Well, it’s FCS East … the second team should have made it in by the end of the 2nd Quarter :)

Yeah, but that’s a lot of opportunity on offense. :)

Are there any deals out there on this? I want to play it once my power supply comes back from MS repair.

UNLV has an awesome running back from Texas and he’s a difference maker, but just like his real life counterpart, he’s made of fritos and cheese. I’m pretty sure he was knocked out of EVERY SINGLE GAME this year. Most of the time he’d make it back or just be out for the game but it was crazy.

I stopped running the option with my quarterbacks when I found myself with no healthy QBs halfway through the season. I could have pulled the redshirt on a freshman QB, but I decided to start the running back with the best throwing ability. He got the ball out there well enough (3-9 with no TDs or INTs) to lead us to a win over New Mexico.

i agree on the 8 minute qtrs. have been playing a few days and really enjoying, alot of small upgrades to ncaa 11. the obnoxious espn radio updates while i’m recruiting is really annoying though, especially since its the same update repeated every 5 minutes…

So my Texas RB made it to game 2 of season 2 before going out for three games. True to form, he blew through the Indiana defense for a beautiful 56 yard TD run. He ended up doing enough before he got hurt to earn Player of the Game.

Fortunately, I signed 4 running back recruits … well, 2 RBs and 2 converted Athletes so we’ll be okay until he returns.

I dropped the FCS school off the schedule and added another Big Ten opponent to boost the strength of schedule. For couple of games have been tough, 22-18 over Minnesota and 17-13 over Indiana. I decided to redshirt all three of our hotshot (for UNLV) WR recruits but the guys left over aren’t fast enough to scare defenses. So we’re running a bit more play action to get guys free, but play-action tends to get QBs hit.

I’m focusing on recruiting OL this season so lots and lots of 3 Star OL are getting phone calls from Wayne Newton and random showgirls.