Ncaa 2012

While looking for Earth Defense Force 2017 on I noticed that NCAA 2012 comes out July 12th which is right around the corner. Is anyone going to pick this up? I didn’t buy last years version because of what a mess it seemed to be but I have my fingers crossed that this year might be better. Anyone have any thoughts on this and what is the verdict on the 2012 version?

I have it preordered, as I do every year. I’m not sure what’s new/improved/broken in this year’s version, except I recall hearing something about more realistic turf. There’s a 360 demo out, but I haven’t checked it out. Just waiting for the 12th.

I wonder if there’s any interest in an online dynasty. The Madden ones are big fun.

I liked last year’s version. The gameplay was good, and I always like a game where I can realistically run the option.

NCAA does atmosphere better than anyone and it looks like they doubled down on the Stadium specific glitz this year.

BUT - just from playing the demo - the gameplay has regressed. It feels very fast and video-gamey, quite a let-down after the last two years of Madden’s slowed-down verisimilitude.

I’ll think I’ll pass on this one, unless the retail game is vastly different from the demo.

I pre-ordered as well. I am a sucker for sports games, which is odd given my lack of interest in playing/watching most of them. Football is the exception to that though - I do love to watch it.

I am excited for the Coach’s Carousel mode, which is like Superstar (or whatever they call the light RPG mode) but with a coach instead of a player. I am looking forward to seeing if the computer can actually handle the spread option when I’m calling the plays, or if the AI will ruin the reads.

I know this is NCAA, but if Madden is similar this year, I will be so sad.


I liked the demo because it felt and played so differently from Madden.

I picked it up and the first thing I did was select UNLV as my favorite team (please forgive me, South Carolina) and play a rivalry game against San Diego State.

I had a blast. Trying to run the option. Trying to win with UNLV’s D rated offense / defense and special teams against the B rated Aztecs. Fortunately, UNLV has an honest to goodness native Texan at RB and I ran him into the dirt trying to hold onto the lead.

I created a high school prospect in Road to Glory. He’s a lefty QB / MLB. His dream is to come earn a scholarship to UNLV and help put the program on the map. Bigger, more well known schools are interested in him (LSU, NC, South Carolina, Wake Forest) but he has a dream.

I quickly edited the BCS Tie-ins and the Mountain West Champion gets an automatic berth to play with the big boys. Once that was done, I started my Coaching Career at my Alma Mater UNLV! I fought off the temptation to buy the “TimeSavers” and immediately went to work recruiting the best and brightest … the best and fastest kids in Nevada and California. We have 25 scholarships available and I hope to land 2 or 3 3-Star talents.