NCAA Basketball 2021

I was surprised to find that there was not a college b-ball thread here for this season. Its been a weird start for sure. Duke, MSU and Kentucky have struggled ( “struggled is underselling for Kentucky” ) the top ten has smaller schools all over it, like Gonzaga, Nova, Creighton and Baylor. And after a dismal season last year, Michigan is looking like it may be the team to beat this year. I watched them dismantle Wisconsin the other night and man were they impressive. It will be interesting to see if this team if for real but after that last game, I am thinking they are.

Sad day, used to love watching him and his teams at the Palestra during the Big 5 games. My Dad was a LaSalle grad so we would go often and Temple was always a great game to watch during the double-header.

If you haven’t seen the Zags play, I can set the Michigan thought, but they look like the best out there.

Wow, that is pathetic.

You kidding? For a million bucks I’d be thrilled to change my name to HideousRex Presented by Rocket Mortgage.

Rocket Mortgage, if you’re listening, have your people call my people. Let’s do lunch!

Yeah its not like other schools like say Michigan would stoop to taking endorsement dollars or anything. What with the frikkin Nike swoop everywhere and all.

The thing about a nickname is that hardly anyone is actually required to use it.

It’s like if one of your friends were to announce that he’s “T-Bone” from here on out, and you’re like “Yeah, whatever, Carfart.”

I’d rather be presented by Rocket Mortgage than to be represented by Rocket Watts. His second half last night was dreadful.

I thought the NCAA/Feds thread was where we kvetched about the NCAA Tourney. My mistake.

Ohio State has been so hot and cold this year it wouldn’t surprise me to see them lose today or to make the Final Four. I’ll also be rooting for sort-of alma mater Cleveland State to be this year’s big Cinderella story!

They lost a couple of heart breakers late in the season. In that late loss against Michigan they played really good and fell just short. And the two losses against Illinois were the same. Good tunes ups for the tourney. If they can figure out how to close out those tight games, then can beat anyone.

Ohio State getting more Oral than they can handle

This keeps alive the Oral Roberts / Morehead State final four we all want!

Kimmie English bringing that unstoppable Mizzou tourney mojo to the Vols as an assistant coach there.

And OSU learns all about the dreaded 15/2 curse. The wheels really came of that cart.

If both OSUs lose to a televangelist school, I think I’m done with this tournament.

Does Oregon State play Tammy Bakker Cosmetology School in the next round?

EDIT: Ok, the Cowboys are starting to pull away in the second half; crisis may be averted.

I have decided to cheer for Winthrop!

North Texas currently up 7 over Purdue very late in the game.

The B1G not having a good tournament.

Wisconsin did a lot better than I figured they would. Aside from that, tho, yeah.